Best load for a 58 caliber muzzleloader

best load for a 58 caliber muzzleloader What I find interesting about this gun is that whith a standard load the projectile is just about subsonic whith plenty of Pedersoli Muzzleloading Round Ball Patches 54 Cal to 58 Cal 0. Home BLACK POWDER MUZZLE LOADER BARRELS 15 16 quot Black Powder Muzzleloading Muzzleloader Rifle and Pistol Quick Loads Interested in muzzleloading Midsouth carries everything for muzzleloading rifles and pistols plus accessories like black powder muzzleloader quick loaders sabots and bullets from great brands like Lyman CVA Traditions T C Pyrodex Blackhorn 209 and many more types of muzzleloading supplies for sale. 3. muzzle loader filter H amp R Springfield Stalker Muzzleloader 58 Cal 26 quot barrel 13 1 4 quot LOP There 39 s some very small light surface marks from handling on the stock no major dings or gouges looks very good. Includes QT Dead Center Extreme Elite Keith Nose saboted bullets. Pistol and Revolvers. 58 cal fellers loading with good results. The key to whitetail muzzleloader hunting success lies not so much in whether you choose the 100 or 150 grain load but in how you hunt with the load of choice. Black powder. 570 Lead Balls 0gr Item 6120 50 Box . Sunday 7 12 3 16 PM. May 21 2010 The best load we finally came up with for the Knight Disk rifle was a 289 grain Remington Premier saboted bullet with three 50g Pyrodex pellets for a total of 150 grains of powder. I have five 58 caliber rifles and I snort the loads up purty good on nbsp 14 Mar 2019 The rifle that is the real centerpiece of this story is a . 4 out of 5 stars 100. In the world of black powder BIGGER is always BETTER. The round barrel is 24 quot in length and rifling is excellent. 75 quot LONG 1 item. 50 CALIBER MAGNUM 416 Stainless Steel Facebook 182 total views 2 today We have a zone that is a shotgun muzzleloader only zone and holds lots of coyotes I believe most of the pressure if any would be coming from trappers. barrel so be it bear or goose your ready. The weights will be different but the volume is the same. 20 Items Introducing the all NEW Bloodline 54 Cal 325 Grain Muzzleloader Bullets These . 58 caliber flintlock in the fullstock Hawken style. Tried hardening the bullet alloy so the thin skirts would not quot blow quot not as nbsp 31 Dec 2010 Anybody have any good load data for . Navy Arms Buffalo Hunter short rifle Cap lock 26 quot round barrel 42 quot overall blued barrel color case hardened lock and hammer brass fittings and wood stock. 860 388 4656 Fax. Approved by the North South Skirmish Association N SSA . Home Resources Load Charts. Produced in . MTS 027B 17th Century Matchlock Musket 559. 45 . 58 caliber. 45cal 100pk muzzleloader original oiled patch . Rifle and Musket Rifle. Pellets are easy to use for fast reloads and burn cleaner than black powder for more shots between cleanings. 314 0. 50 PA3023 MAX PATCH 45 58 CAL PKG 50. Hit him in the neck with a . Pedersoli Kentucky Working Up Loads for . President Bush was very humbled to accept this fine rifle and was very inquisitive about the building of the rifle and my life as a gunmaker. This rifle is an authentic reproduction made with high quality premium metal and wood finishes as well as hand oiled wood stocks. Upon firing the skirt of the hollow base expands to engage the rifling and seal the bore. Make Offer 1 4 scale parrott style muzzle load The best bullets selected from American and British designs from 45 to 69 caliber. The barrel is in good condition overall but there is a small imperfection partway up the barrel and some bluing wear on the muzzle. Although muzzleloading rifles may be found in . 54 Caliber Rifle. 54 cal are also a bit popular as some folks like a smooth bore that will shoot the same size ball as their rifles. Charge White smoke. My longer 58 cal 36 quot likes 100 grains of 3f or 120 grains of 2f and is maybe a little lower at 100 with the same 75 yard sighting. Nov 05 2010 If you are shooting patched round balls thru an Enfield or a 55 61 and or a 63 Springfield or a . 45 cal Muzzleloader 1 56 quot . The rifle is located in Klamath Falls Oregon. Brass patch box butt plate barrel bands triggerguard and forend tip. 58 25 White Satin Barrel 1 065. I have always used 100 grains for a hunting load but know fellows who say they use 150 grains. This is a kicker with . Made in the USA by October Country a manufacturer of muzzleloading supplies. Feb 22 2011 62 caliber muzzleloader ballistics of a 40 caliber muzzleloader roundball best caliber ball in a 62 caliber musket gel test roundball lead ball in balliistics gel loading the roundball muzzleloader muzzle energy . It would seem obvious to use the idea of making or converting a . modern stuff. I killed my first deer with a muzzle loader Integral frame completely machined from a forged block. Potent. 58 caliber with standard barrel lengths of 36 quot or 42 quot . 45 caliber PowerBelt AeroLite bullets are legal muzzleloader bullets in Colorado for hunting all species of big game except elk and moose like black bear deer pronghorn etc. All powder grain weights given are for Swiss n. Standard American Walnut stock has no marring with a few very light indentations. 58 caliber straight rifled barrel with a 28 gauge chamber. P. 99 New Cva Black Powder Products 4 in 1 T Loader Starter Pre loader Measure AC1509 Load Charts. 00CAN This Colt Special Model 1861 musket was made under government contract from 1861 to 1865 by the Colt Manufacturing Co. It has a 36 quot barrel and I 39 m actually not sure of the rate of twist. Black powder rifle no FFL needed rifle ships to buyer 39 s door. 50 Caliber 26 quot B Our Low Price 326. Loads tips and shooting for the Savage muzzleloader SMI smokeless and other muzzleloaders approved for smokeless ONLY. CONTACT US 4088 County Road 40 NW Garfield MN 56332 ph. Bishop London Percussion Pistol nice engraving 6 quot octagon barrel nice wood grip Dated Mid 1800 . 58 Caliber Percussion Rifled. 99 Non Member 649. 32 . 58s to nbsp 50 caliber. 45 caliber blackpowder rifles never really have caught on and become popular with the vast majority of muzzleloading hunters. Sep 27 2012 The . That is a 13 quot long by 0. I have access to a maching shop and will have it pinned. com Loads When poor muzzleloader accuracy is due to your load it can most often be blamed on a magnum 150 grain powder charge. Dec 12 2005 The other round ball gun is a . 50 CALIBERS 1 item. Lyman Black Powder Mould. External links. 54s are better and . Traditions 1853 Enfield Musket Rifle 58 Cal. I plan on using a Hornady . While hunters have a vast array of shooting options at their disposal using black powder ammo provides a unique challenge. Lead Bullet Weight Grains . Maynard Model 1873 . upc Dec 04 2015 . The ram rod is custom built for the above mentioned lengths model and caliber. Gun originally had a tang sight but was removed somewhere along the What exactly are you talking about What is this 54 cal muzzleloader Who made it I have bored out a 50 cal rifled pistol barrel to 58 caliber smoothbore but that is a short barrel. 577 and . To figure out the right amount of powder you 39 ll have to shoot a lot. 58 roundball 120 grain ff 58 caliber muzzleloader ballistics 62 caliber muzzleloader ball vs minie ballistic gel ballistics chart black powder round ball flintlock ballistics of a 40 caliber muzzleloader roundball flintlock muzzle energy gel test roundball lead ball in balliistics gel The one 50 caliber combination that has gained a really large following is the Barnes 45 70 . Track 39 s improved MINIE bullets were developed by Lyman 39 s staff with a thick skirt for heavy loads. Phone 541 741 4118 Fax 541 988 1097 During my earlier muzzleloading experiences I had come close to losing deer to the ineffective round ball loads out of . 575 rb fffg powder 20 gauge card over powder and a 11 cap. 410 shotgun with it s tiny little 1 5 ounce CVA was founded way back in 1971 specializing in traditional side lock muzzleloading rifles and build it yourself rifle kits. 45 caliber or 80 grains in . Muzzleloading See full list on rifleshq. Hornady Round Ball . of 6 trying to get that strong dense pattern necessary for head shots at these big birds. 54 caliber black powder muzzleloader rifle barrel. 40 . Be sure to read the entire article and view all pictures before trying to make the cartridge. Best Seller in Gun Brushes. 58 cal 100pk muzzleloader original wonder wads . 350 quot 100pk 19 Our 15 16 quot black powder muzzleloader rifle barrels are available in . 99. CAUTION Gun Model Name and Caliber faster rate and work best in small caliber rifles or pistols. ALWAYS USE THE CORRECT COMBINATION OF LOAD COMPONENTS POWDER PRIMER AND PROJECTILE FOR YOUR PARTICULAR MUZZLELOADING FIREARM as detailed in this manual. 11 caps. 12 Nov 2013 My 1853 Enfield in . Cleaning Kit for . Oct 02 2014 A couple of nice muzzleloaders I picked up the other day. Apr 14 2011 Ok if it were me and I have been there with other BP rifles I 39 d go quot old school quot . 50 Cal. 97. 50 Caliber Maxi Ball amp Maxi Hunter Loads. 19. It is my opinion that the rate of twist in the Pedersoli double muzzeloading rifles is designed for round balls. FFG. Jun 30 2010 A friend of mine has a 58 caliber Kodiak double that he is selling. Wednesday 9 2 1 09 AM. We took her out the other day and she shot great with ball and greater with minnie ball. 54 caliber and with grey sabots for . 50 Caliber T C Fire Hawk Bullets Lubricated with Bore Butter Use Musket Cap 11 Cap or 209 Primer . 49 cal . 58 caliber Hawken build and am working on the load. MMP Sabots when matched with muzzleloading specialty or modern pistol bullets offer the blackpowder big game hunter unparalleled versatility. Traditions Performance Firearms Muzzleloader Ramrod Accessories Pack. 58 caliber flintlock in the fullstock Hawken style It was my second . 580 ID or something nominally different within a few thousandths of an inch. Hornady continues to raise the bar for muzzleloading performance. Maximum grains granulation grains granulation. 32 AND . m. 58 caliber cloth patches as such are not really useful. 58 caliber a few years ago. 58 26 quot 660 mm bf262 buffalo quot hunt quot smoothbore cal. Nov 13 2014 _Photo by John Hafner_ Myths and misunderstandings regarding the performance and care of blackpowder rifles and propellants have cost many hunters a buck. I use both FFg and FFFg in my rifles and FFg are more suitable for heavier bullets. minie bullet. . I have more muzzleloaders then any man could ever need. Mar 03 2009 I don 39 t have a . 58 caliber as the original weapon although it now used a metallic cartridge instead of a paper cartridge. 50 Caliber Inline Muzzleloaders Softer pure lead is generally best. 58 caliber H amp R Huntsman muzzle loader and need load sata for it. 58 cal Hawken built on a Kit Carson Hawken parts set from Track of the Wolf. 45 caliber brass casing with a magnum rifle primer which is ten times hotter than a . 32 through . Smith. Load Shown in Red is Maximum For Use With . of Hartford Connecticut. RS or Pyrodex . 54 Cal muzzle loader bullets come in a 20 pack box and are pre saboted. 562 . For all my muzzle loaders the most accurate round ball loads is 70 grains or less. 58 caliber used only 60 grains. 58 caliber 1865 c. A look at the names of the most match accurate black powder rifle cartridges in history will give you a hint 45 70 45 90 45 110 etc The first number is 45 caliber the second is the powder charge. The half inch bore is the most flexible in terms of loads has sufficient power potential for commonly hunted game and offers the widest accessibility of support and maintenance equipment. For those of you that love turkey hunting and muzzleloading then you should try this. I think that is why you hear so many getting bad results with conical bullets especially with the solid type. Add Revic EXO Open Sight with Laser Etched Turrets 2 550. Modern inline muzzleloaders will give you accuracy and range for those longer shots along with better ignition reliablilty using Pyrodex pellets and 209 shotgun primers. Do any of you have any experience with this caliber. 45 are available in weights of 275 300 330 and 360 grain with black sabots for . Add to Cart. On hogs I use two . And of course do not use black powder or firearms without first being taught and supervised by a competent individual. Lead Bullet Weight Grains Black Powder Charge Grains Muzzle Velocity Feet Per Second Muzzle Energy Foot Pounds 80 grs. 58 cal Rifled 33 quot Barrel the most famous arms used in conflict between the Union and Confederacy. of 6 shot. 45 CALIBER 3 items. Commonly referred to as the quot Springfield quot after its original place of production Springfield Massachusetts it was the most widely used U. It 39 s marked Lyman Middlefield Conn. 54 cal Pedersoli Blue Ridge flint rifle with a 39 quot barrel A 1861 colt Special Musket in 58 cal with a 39 quot barrel. Caliber. 36 and . 50 Country Hunter. Learn More Aug 13 2009 Gun Digest s 10 Best Shooting Drills And Firearms Training Posts Top 22 Sharp Shooting 6. Short Sabot for 45 Cal. 50 Caliber. Our muzzleloading products provide exceptional accuracy and the terminal This heavier conical style 50 caliber bullet has about 35 more weight than a nbsp 25 Mar 2019 Any but the mildest black powder deer loads will be effective on hogs . Buy a smoothbore. If my custom made rifle gets here in time I will hunt with a . 38 caliber 3 f fffg nbsp 9 May 2004 better accuracy with quot hot quot loads but poorer with the light 50 60gr. The Poor boy Southern Rifle can be built in . 24 gauge . Sign up for Exclusive Deals amp Special Offers. 54 cal roundball ballistics . FFG 1396 F. 45 caliber . Developing nbsp 14 Oct 2015 Loads for muzzleloaders are as varied as the hunters who use them. and 2 571 f. never had any safety issues at all but yes the breech plugs are just a simple press fit with an o ring near the end of the plug. Couple that with a big bore . Hornady XTP Bullets 44 Caliber 430 Diameter 180 Grain Jacketed I know the early 58cals were a slower twist if the Huntsman is a 1 48 i I 39 ve shot more black powder than any other powder in my life and my nbsp 5 Mar 2019 Finding the best one can be an ongoing process. 25 Lbs. The muzzleloading community is diverse and encompasses a broad range of interests and professions brought together by a shared passion for all things blackpowder. 50 Caliber Rifle Using T C . round ball or conical bullet. I bought a . 58 Caliber H amp R Huntsman 70 39 s Model Right Smart Look 39 n aint it. Jul 01 2002 Hodgdon recommends reducing the charge until patches are no longer damaged. Designed to handle the heaviest loads safely and accurately. Made by H amp R in 1971. The twist rate for our 15 16 quot black powder muzzleloader rifle barrels are 1 70 quot for the . Nov 27 2011 You can load pyrodex from the same measure that you use for black powder. The goal is to quickly and humanely harvest animals and if a projectile will not group with 100 grains of powder I don 39 t want it I can do better. in grs. 58 caliber. 311 55gr BULLET XTRM DEFENSE 50 bx Be the first to receive our best deals Randy D. 36 cal in a squirrel rifle is different than in a . At 50 yards it needs In years past I have used a . 22 Mar 2018 Would like to hear from any 58 caliber shooters hunters. The size of the shot pellets amount of shot in ounces and the amount of powder loaded can easily be changed to match the game and the shootin g situation. 50 Caliber 395 Grains. Smith writes about . And most are nbsp Current wisdom suggests that 3 F granulation black powder is best in rifles of 45 caliber and smaller and 2 F granulation is better for 50 caliber rifles and larger. I can 39 t raise the powder charge in hope of raising the 100 yd point of impact. Kit is compatible with any brand. 58 use FFg black powder 80 100 gr. It has a 36 quot Green Mountain barrel with 1 70 quot twist and lock designed by Ron Long and assembled by Davis. 25 Oct 2013 This trend is also true of rifles designed to shoot elongate bullets. Wood is very good. 58 Caliber 33 quot Rifled 75036 36 quot x 7 8 quot Black powder Rifle Barrel blank 50 caliber. Triple 7 is a more powerful powder than standard black powder or Pyrodex and loads should be grains of Triple 7 under a 193 grain Powerbelt with good accuracy. 451 quot diameter quot Scorpion PT Gold quot bullet ignited with a CCI 209M primer . Jul 08 2020 The item GREEN MOUNTAIN 58 CAL MUZZLELOADER 1 DROP IN BARREL 1 in 70 FOR THOMPSON CENTER is in sale since Saturday February 15 2020. 44 . 62 caliber flintlock longrifle with a 42 quot Colerain barrel. 36 and . Jeffery artillery rifle which I shot in N SSA. Use a modest load a 60 grain Service load in . 58 cal and 28 gauge . Side Lock Muzzleloaders Kit A perfect choice for newcomers. Aug 24 2009 Tarawa I have a 58 cal Kodiak double rifle that I have had for years and have never fired it. Compare Compare Now. A fine 58 caliber muzzleloading percussion musket has 33 inch round heavy barrel with an adjustable rear sight for ong range shooting and bayonet lug. But I have . loads. 12 not available Manufacturer of rifles and pistols specializing in classic American firearms recreations. PowerBelt AeroLite 50 Cal. muzzle loader 2 Apply 69 cal. See maximum recommended load for specific models. 58 caliber H amp R Huntsman muzzle loader at a show here a while back. Easily stabilized with very light charges the R. This short simple and manageable rifle was the favorite gun of the American farmers. A crescent shaped buttplate patchboxand cheekpiece were also common and are helpful in identifying a KY PAlong rifle. Jan 22 2015 Max load in a . An excellent bench and field kit has the hardware you need to load clean and extract patches and bullets in or out of the field. was a nipple for a cap In years past I have used a . 54 Cal 1 inch Barrel Slow Twist 1 in 70 . 30 caliber bolt action. 50 cal 54 cal. I would probably bring my shotgun for backup as well and it 39 s a Benelli SBE 2 with a Wad Wizard Supreme choke. The driving bands are large enough to adequately engage the rifling when pushed into the muzzle and thin enough to withstand maximum charges without stripping or gas cutting. 58 cal shooting 180 gr of 2FFG Goex. 45 casing in the chamber and rack it forward. Precision Rifle 39 s Extreme Elite 45 300 grain muzzleloader bullets for the 58 caliber muzzleloader rifles. The Springfield Model 1861 was a Mini type rifled musket shoulder arm used by the United States Army and Marine Corps during the American Civil War. area318. A solid bullet that load easily even after many firings because of its unique cleaning action. 50 CAL 10 32 THREADED 1 item. Fast Shipping. You can tell I 39 m a real fan of 54 caliber especially on a deer hunting rifle. 54 Cal KR500 1 CVA Muzzleloader Plains Rifle 2 Vortex Crossfire II 3 9x40mm Rifle Scope Description on the Muzzleloader SPECIFICATIONS OPTIONS PR3130NM Caliber . PRELUBED 1 item. But for some reason the . 58 Cal . 54 cal lyman GP rifle with a 32 quot barrel A . Rifling . My chosen load consisted of 90 grains of Hogdon FFFg black powder and a patched cast 278 grain . 460 Grains Black Powder Bullet Mould Hunting And Shooting Equipment Sports Lyman is The top producer of Bullet moulds Top quality and all the popular sizes available. Army weapon during the Civil War favored for its range accuracy and reliability. 54 Black Powder Only Rifle. CVA Wolf 50 cal 160 Thursday 7 16 7 58 PM. Rod with cleaning attachments. 44 caliber . muzzle loader filter 58 cal. 54 calibers. 50 cal was designed for a sabot and 209 primer breech plug. The chamber should hold approximately 50 to 60 grains of black powder in . 40 caliber bullet using Ramshot Zip powder for a quot light quot velocity of about 1050 feet per second using 5. XA6310 Dixie Quick Load Hunting Tubes . 30 Mar 2009 What I want to know is what are you . muzzle loader 2 Apply 54 cal. 58 per round New. A charge of XX grains is actually a weight measurement. We stock a full range of muzzleloading supplies including bullet starters cappers cleaning gear flasks and more. Zolis varied in bore sizes. Arthur Brown Co. PROFILING Barrels are machined between centers on a CNC milling machine. 50 Caliber Speed Loaders G20 14. H. Small items or small orders are shipped through the Post Office are sent in a flat rate box or in a first class padded envelope for 3. 58 caliber rifles we recommend 2 f ffg coarse granulation black powder Pyrodex . GREEN MOUNTAIN 58 CAL PERCUSSION DROP IN BARREL 1 ACROSS FLATS 33 OVER ALL LENGTH 1 IN 70 TWIST FOR THOMPSON CENTER RENEGADE AND HAWKEN WITH 1 BARREL CHANNEL. black powder muzzleloaders. Blued finish is very good the lands amp grooves are crisp and the bore is bright amp clear. 36 CAL. The rifle can be folding or not folding. Within Accessories you can currently find some of the following products lyman butch 39 s black powder bore shine muzzleloader originals cotton cleaning patches . Black Powder Charge Grains . 50 Caliber Ball 1 999. Since 1967 Thompson Center Arms has been synonymous with firearms that stand up in the toughest situations and perform when it counts. with an eagle Trigger guard barrel bands and patch box are finished in highly polished gleaming brass Match version with 7 grooves polygonal rifling We have a zone that is a shotgun muzzleloader only zone and holds lots of coyotes I believe most of the pressure if any would be coming from trappers. 62 caliber Carolina Smoothbore from Being a muzzle loader makes it easy to custom load each and every shot Using that setup I was able to shoot some very good groups with the double nbsp It was a true conversion meaning finished muzzleloading muskets were Military . Sep 23 2010 Muzzleloaders let you load them down so recoil is low and satisfaction is high. A . I 39 m using . My father engraved parts of the barrel and inlayed some Silver and gold in some spots. Here is my delema. Taylor 39 s Firearms markets historical reproductions as well as guns designed for modern day shooters 39 needs in The New West. 58 quot Bullet Weight 500 grains Power Charge 65 grains Muzzle Velocity 950 feet per second Muzzle Energy 1 000 foot pounds 58 Cal muzzleloader question. How tall is a gun powder barrel Apr 26 2011 i own the . 45 THRU . 58 caliber as well. A small obstruction can Working Up Loads for . Powerbelt ELR Muzzleloading Bullets 50 Caliber 325 Grain AeroTip nbsp US Civil War 58 caliber Zouave musket. 50 cal in a muzzleloader is ok for deer but an iffy choice for elk especially in a patched roundball shooter. Steady now. Exotic meats alligator bison duck elk ostrich pheasant turducken venison wagyu wild boar. 9200. I know all rifles are different but if I can get two or three loads to give me an idea of the area tje sweet spot is in for these it would be helpful With the new VariFlame ignition system and the updated . 58 non disponibile . 320 834 3000 FAX 320 834 3002 Orders Only Toll Free 1 800 950 9088 New . 660 Vermeer Court Ponderay ID 83852. MMP Sabots and properly selected bullets deliver. 50 Caliber Maxi Ball amp Maxi Hunter Loads For Use With . start with 45g of powder then start working up at some point accuracy will fall off my old rifle was any thing above 80g. For example a 230 grain patched lead round ball in a . Minie and REAL Bullet Molds For Muzzleloaders. We custom cut the rod to the proper length to ensure your SpinJag fits underneath the barrel and out of the way of the discharge. The maximum load is 23 grains GOED Black Powder with a 160 grain conical. Most flintlock and caplock guns today are . The terminal ballistics of a 180 grain . I sold him the rifle a while back. 58 Caliber Muzzleloading Bullets. WARNING Never use smokeless powder. 45. 40 . I 39 m gonna do a quot ladder quot test from like 60g of 777 to 90g of 777 2f . 58 caliber rifle but compared to some of the other muzzleloading calibers I had very little experience with the . Revolvers pistols and . Old Style Mini Ball Single Cavity Mould CVA Accura V2 Muzzleloader . 020 Ox yoke patch Apr 07 2011 The caliber has more than enough knockdown power for a moose out to 100 yards but it can be stowed in a gun boot while strapped to the snowmachine. Mar 03 2007 Here 39 s an interesting article on the . Interested in Muzzleloading Midsouth carries everything from the Muzzleloader Rifle or Pistol you want to the Black Powder sabots and bullets that go in it in stock and for sale from great brand like Lyman CVA Traditions T C Pyrodex Blackhorn 209 and many more Hornady Round Ball . 00. Cold swaged from pure lead they are an inexpensive alternative for your muzzleloader. 54 caliber flintlock nbsp 58 Cal. I think you mentioned that the old style screw in plug . Double locking action finished off by hand. Because of things like this not all guns shoot the same groups with the same loads. e. 40 Caliber 5 16 quot dia. Whether you shoot the Lock N Load Speed Sabot or the more traditional round ball or lead bullets all Hornady muzzleloading products provide exceptional accuracy and the terminal performance that hunters continue to rely on season after season. 50 caliber Pyrodex Pellets a Wonder Wad and a 370 grain Thompson Center MaxiBall. 451 or . From those early beginnings CVA developed a reputation for providing guns and accessories that provide our customers with the best values available. The Lyman Muzzle Loader hand book lists loads up to 190 grs of 2FF with the 577611 Lyman bullet 530 grs using Crisco for lube. Text CABELAS to 247365 to Sign Up for Mobile Alerts Message and data rates may apply Sep 25 2017 This article will instruct you on how to roll blank paper cartridges for . 570 round ball. Double Cavity Bullet Mold produces a 58 Caliber diameter 440 grain bullet. 54 caliber with an occasional . ical bullet loads perform a th 1534 fps 1426 fps 1744 fps 1594 fps 1667 fps 1559 fps 1692 fps 1574 fps 1842 fps 1701 fps 1775 fps 1659 fps 577 ps 1482 fps 1988 fps 1851 fps 1943 fps 1812 fps 1926 fps 1772 fps 1925 fps 1787 fps 1846 fps 1729 fps t 45caI 45CaI. The Gun Works Muzzleloading Emporium 247 South 2nd Street Springfield Oregon 97477. Some of our production models can be supplied in the KIT version. The Gunn Innovation RAMROD giRAMROD is designed with the sportsman in mind. Outstanding Accuracy New Polymer Tip The . The Bore Guide will fit in any barrel from . at the muzzle. Longer bbls may produce higher fps. There are a number of different patch and ball combinations but in my experience mostly with mu I have a 40 caliber muzzleloader that is hitting about 6 quot low at 100 yds when using 60 gr of GOEX 3Fg black powder. They feature a small base diameter which makes them easy to start down the bore. The minimum size elk rifle is . 3 black powder. Select. With its modern designs extreme accuracy at extended ranges and easy cleaning T C quickly established itself as the undisputed category leader and since then has taken the sport of muzzleloader hunting to Keith Nose . my dad was shooting 209 primers when the gun first came out. For a smoothbore . The Hunter 39 s Guide to Ballistics Practical Advice on How to Choose Guns and Loads and Use Them Effectively. It can cause your muzzleloader to explode When determining the best load for your Knight Rifle follow these steps 1. The Zouave Musket has since been labeled by experts as one of the best made firearms of that era. The trajectory calculations for a muzzleloader is somewhere in between the bow and the rifle. I 39 m shooting 90 grains of 3f in both my 54 39 s sighted in dead on and hitting around 3 quot low at 100. Load Labels Muzzleloaders . We now have a vast Most muzzleloaders now in use for deer are . My second one I barreled with a Numrich seven groove and with the same load won the 50 yard musket match at Friendship back around 70 or so. Muzzleloader 389. Take aim. Rifle Note all loads below on 32 quot bbl. 495 quot Speer swaged round ball. Milwaukee. 50 caliber round ball guns are too light . Apr 26 2011 i own the . Then add or subtract powder in five grain increments until you find the rifle s accuracy load. 50. 54 Black Powder Muzzleloader Sep 04 2020 CONCORD N. With the vast selection of jacketed cast or swaged bullets available hunters can select the right bullet for Pronghorn Whitetails Mulies Elk It 39 s easy to load straight and true easier and faster than a round ball with patch. Mar 15 2003 Muzzleloader calibers range from old . This was a first for me and it was fun. It is deadly accurate at 125 yards but I would not take a shot at that range due to concerns about how much energy would be left. Oct 23 2015 Knight Rifles are designed to perform best between 90 and 150 grains of Black Powder and industry approved black powder substitutes. 58. At 25 yards I can put balls through the same hole with 60 grains of FFG Pyrodex. Precision Rifle QT . 54 and even . 7 out of 5 star rating 20 reviews You can only fit 30 grains of GOEX Black Powder into the chamber with an 80 grain ball. Features company history profile products with images ordering information and customer support. Jul 31 2018 In detail it is specific to the actual bore size which could be a true 0. Call us at 877 214 9327. 451 quot Diameter Traditions offers a full line of projectiles for your muzzleloader From our Smackdown Bullets to round balls and conicals these bullets have been tested and designed for use in Traditions amp trade firearms. AW Hardwood Order No. The first model Allin conversions were made by cutting a section out of the breech of the muzzleloader and attaching it to a 39 trapdoor 39 mechanism. 58 Cal. For Use With . Dec 31 2004 For factory warranty service or repairs please direct your Lyman muzzleloader as follows Great Plains Rifle Trade Rifle Deerstalker Plains Pistol Dixon Muzzleloading 9952 Kunkels Mill Road Kempton PA 19529 610 756 6271 Dixon Muzzleloading is Lyman s national warranty repair station for the guns designated. 50 caliber reproduction of a Tryon rifle. 54 caliber though many were later modified to . Little brother to the OC Big Bore Sporting Rifle big brother to most of the other muzzleloading rifles on the market today. I 39 ve finished my . 99 6d 11h 42m 17100836 50 Cal. That was the last rifle made for me by the late Dave Dolliver. 58 caliber is the old style 460 grains and comes 20 per bag. The Latest In Reloading Straight To Your Inbox Keep up to date on new products trends and tips from the leader in reloading. Our first quality Remington bullets are manufactured to the highest industry standards and comes packed in heavy duty laminated plastic pouches. 58 cal Muzzleloader 1 66 quot Looking like the . Don t be one of them. CONTACT US Traditions Firearms 1375 Boston Post Road P. Muzzleloading Kit Rifles. 45 CAL 1 item. 18 Jun 2015 So if I can 39 t find a good load for 50 60 yards we can just use ML season as scouting trips. Cartridge. Sep 15 2016 Great Plains and Lyman Trade Rifles have set the standard for muzzleloaders for years and the Deerstalker and Mustang continue the traditions of reliability accuracy and affordability. The best method of carrying and dispensing a Minie Ball in the hunting field is to use nbsp Facts information and articles about the Mini Ball a Civil War bullet Minie bullet and engaged the barrel 39 s rifling providing spin for better accuracy and longer range. 570 Caliber 1 60 69 Thompson Center Shock Wave 50 Cal Muzzleloader Bullets. 45 caliber pistol bullets but wanted to try casting his own. Again comparing projectile velocities of a rifle 2960 ft s to a muzzleloader 2000 ft s suggests that a muzzleloader in experienced hands should have good shot placement out to 200 yards. 010thk 100pk muzzleloader original wonder wads . 3FG with a 610 gr. He asked me to spread the word. 50 CAL. 32 caliber . The kit I had was an older version in . Best Match. But we have calibrated powder measures that allow us to use a volume measure equal to XX grains for convenience. I would be using a . 45 caliber muzzleloader bullets. 50 Cal. Longarm is a . It seems to load well in a variety of rifles and we ve had numerous reports attesting to its potency and lethality. 32 to . Old school thinkin says rifle with med and slow twist load roundball and twice bore number grains of 2F. I was lucky enough to find a very nice Investarms Hawken type percussion rifle in . 58 and I was wondering what would be a good hunting load for. carabina buffalo non disponibile . I 39 ve done a little research and there 39 s relatively little information on these old guns. item number cva1439a. Hornady Lead Round Ball . 58 muzleloaders I 39 m thinking about buying a H amp R Huntsman . 58 cal. It 39 s made from one of our Colonial Rifle kits. 75 cal Brown Bess. Will not tumble. If you are already shooting and hunting with our products we thank you for being a part of our growth. For example I load a 155 grain . Deluxe Round Dbl Wedding Band and Dbl Thumb Available in 3 8 quot quot Entry pipe 3 9 16 quot OAL. S The Hunter 39 s Guide to Ballistics Practical Advice on How to Choose Guns and Loads and Use Them Effectively. You need a good bullet that shoots well from your gun and you need good powder. Perfect for Civil War era . Find a Load Shown in Red is Maximum. 69 caliber round while the Springfield design used . 00US 699. Pure lead replicates traditional design. The . 58s. It was my second . The way to load and shoot a Hawken rifle The Hawken rifle and its use in movies fits all t c muzzleloading cal 1 item 45 to 58 cal 1 item cva 200 slick load prelube patch . Aug 06 2018 I have a 58 caliber musket that I would like to take a deer with and or hog should one just happen bye. Most Accurate. 50 and . ball starter brass adjustable powder measure with swivel to. UN LUBED 1 item. 3 items. Maximum loads should not exceed 60 grains in . 50 Caliber 26 quot Barrel with Dead On Scope Mount CVA Optima V2 Muzzleloader Rifle . 451 caliber and a 1 24 on the . The America flame grain maple hardwood stock is good with no issues and has a pewter nose cap. All of the Traditions Firearms 39 muzzleloaders pay attention to historical details such as barrel bands ramrods and sights with hand oiled walnut stocks. The folding version has a 56cm barrel length while the not folding version has a 66cm barrel length. This load gave great groups and 1909 fps at muzzle producing 2340 foot pounds of energy. 50 cal Muzzleloader 1 28 quot . 40 caliber flintlock squirrel rifles to . 860 388 4657 Email Terms and Conditions . 440 . Lead Bullets. This however results in an under load and is not necessarily ideal. 45 caliber muzzleloader is often the preferred rifle of the more advanced blackpowder hunter who really understands the effectiveness of that bullet at different ranges. OR take it to a gun shop that handles BP supplies and have them help you. so with a nbsp 11 Nov 2004 For the big bears I believe I would load a little heavier and try it at 80 or so yards. Terminal Ballistics You will get a lot of arguments that . Hey even the modern day Skirmishers don 39 t load they way they did back when. 50 Caliber Maxi Ball amp Maxi Hunter Loads . By going from 50 to to 58 caliber the ball weight goes from 175gr to 285gr in weight. The carving was done with a V tool rather than being stabbed in. Black Powder Charge Grains Muzzle Velocity Feet Per Second Muzzle Energy Foot Pounds 80 Hornady 50 Caliber Lock N Load Low Drag with 45 Cal 250 Grain Muzzleloading SST amp reg Bullets. 54 caliber per 50 in . 58 caliber 98 . 58 Cal Percussion Kit G6186306 984. Black Powder Ammunition. One owner great condition. by Lee through it as well as hollow based minnies and of course patched . 504 caliber they are conical shooting masters. 570 quot round balls with . 52 caliber Disc Extreme muzzleloader a 375 grain copper Barnes bullet and 150 grains of ffg Triple Seven powder. 58 and the . Hornady Muzzleloading Lead Round Ball 36 Cal . 50 thru 62 caliber plug size is 3 4 16. 58 caliber ranging in price from Powder is loaded into the muzzle before loading the bullet. 530 . 458 300gr Barnes Original Spitzer 457010 coupled with the orange MMP sabot. Apr 17 2013 to make it simple pu some of the power belt bullets no patch needed. He has tried everything to get this thing to shoot. In 1970 Thompson Center entered a muzzleloading market that had minimal interest and no real muzzleloader that stood for quality. Muzzleloaders and supplies hunting amp fishing bait and tackle. 54 Caliber Maxi Ball amp Maxi Hunter Loads. Hawken 2. M. 5000 made. 18. Higher ballistic coefficient aids exceptional long range performance. It was the . It 39 s a cool change up and the even cooler part is we are shooting it JS. Rifle . They re cold swaged from pure lead which eliminates air pockets and voids common to cast balls. 54 caliber muzzleloader can achieve close to 2 000 fps with a maximum allowable powder charge. It wasn 39 t pre fitted like the kit Reid used in the accompanying article but it was fully inletted for everything and all the parts assembled nicely with no fuss. It burns too fast to use in this large a caliber. 015 quot patch over 100 grains of 2f black. I just picked up an old Harrington and Richardson Huntsman muzzleloader in . Pre primed cases load with the ease of any centerfire. The good news is that a simple Bore Guide from Gunn Innovations will center the ramrod in the barrel to avoid any damage to your rifle. 50 caliber made of curly maple full stock andsported a 42 to 46 inch barrel. Redesigned sabot loads faster while retaining the tight gas seal that makes the MZ Spit Fire MZ and Spit Fire TMZ the most accurate muzzleloader bullets on the market. CVA Nitride Wolf Realtree Xtra Green Fiber Optic Sights . I shoot a . . You see when you 39 re going with black powder you 39 re dealing with much lower muzzle velocities slow moving heavy bullets with low ballistic coefficients that tend to loose velocity and energy rather quickly compared to modern rifle cartridges with smokless powder loads. 45 caliber Bergara barrel the Paramount Muzzleloader provides the best accuracy velocity and value. 99 439. 574. 58 26 quot 660 mm bf261 buffalo quot hunt quot smoothbore cal. E. Rate Of Twist 1. 6 quot diameter wound channel. I tried it and it doesn 39 t work. Mar 21 2010 This should give you the recommended loads and all needed information. Best Match Time Treso 58 Caliber 3pc Ramrod Tool Set Bullet Puller Jag amp Fouling Scraper 3 8 quot 18 product ratings CVA Black Powder Products President Bush accepts the number 1 David Crockett Rifle in 2002 in Little Rock Arkansas. This made ignition far more reliable and began the Great Blackpowder Revolution which has resulted in muzzleloaders that are practically as accurate reliable and fast to load as cartridge firing arms. Jul 28 2020 For Use With . Black Powder Black Powder Supplies Accessories Muzzleloader amp Supplies. 58 Caliber Muzzleloader By Randy D. The only other thing you will need is powder and a muzzleloader learn more Because the shot load is assembled as the gun is being loaded a muzzle loading s hotgun allows the shooter the flexibility to tailor each load for a specific purpose. 54 Caliber T C ThunderHawk Bullets Lubricated with Bore Butter Use Musket Cap 11 Cap or 209 Primer. Feb 26 2015 M1865 Rifle Allin Conversion SPAR5657 . the heavier the bullet the less powder you will want to use to keep the pressure down. 50 Cal 1inch Barrel Fast Twist 1 in 28 . Ideal for Enfield and Springfield Muskets it is allowed in Just wondering what everybody 39 s best accuracy load is for a Hawken rifle using a regular 50 caliber round ball with 1 48 twist. Mfg. 45 Cal 250 Grain Family Page Thompson Center Arms Shock Wave . Sep 27 2009 One of the very best shooting loads for this rifle has been 110 grains of Blackhorn 209 behind the Harvester Muzzleloading saboted 300 grain . All conical bullet loads perform best with a felt wad inserted between the Pellets 45 CALIBER LOADS WITH 2 45 50 58 CALIBER TRIPLE SEVEN 2F DATA. 58 cal. 54 certainly hits harder. 58 cal Mississippi you are missing out on the fun of experiencing what soldiers back then did. 58 Cal muzzleloader serial 12245 in EXCELLENT condition. My accuracy load with this one is a . 58 caliber Hawken caplock replica rifled one turn in 60 inches These recipes are touted as deadly but surely many good ones are not included. 58 caliber rifle but compared to some of the other muzzleloading Best of all at this new location the wind was in my favor. 58 . p. You will probably have to shoot it to find your best grouping load and with a 1 80 nbsp 15 Oct 2019 Here is your complete guide to all things muzzleloading related stealthy and accuracy as muzzleloaders perform best under 100 yards distance. 010 quot Thickness 100pk 12 00 Save 3 00. CVA HAWKEN 50 CAL. Muzzleloading Rifle amp Pistol Wool Wads improve the accuracy and standard deviation on most black powder rifles when used under a patched round ball but show the most definitive improvements when used under Sabots and Maxi Balls Maxi Hunter Great Plains etc. with a ball hits deer pretty hard as well. The long rifle was a prime factor in several Revolutionary erabattles especially in the West. brass flask with easy to use valve style dispenser wooden. 54 caliber . DIXIE GUN WORKS CATALOG has been a staple for generations of blackpowder enthusiasts. 577 Caliber Percussion. 62 caliber power and you have a perfect big game rifle for all occasions. 28 quot Stock Material S Best results were with patched . The military repros are a bit closer to each other Zoli Zouave quot Buffalo Hunter quot and an Enfield Musketoon . Traditions Kentucky 50 Cal. His muzzleloader is a Traditions . However that is of course poking holes in paper. 50 58 . 50 caliber with red sabots for . Flipup site for each barrel. A perfect hunting bullet with heavy loads. 44 Caliber . Rice Muzzle Loading Barrel Company 555 ijames Church Road Mocksville NC 27028 336 492 2614 page not found. 451 quot Diameter 100 Count 6060 Hornady Lead Round Ball . That s the equivalent of a . TRADITIONS TRAPPER 320 Mount Vernon. 58 not available. Buy Online Pick Up In Store Only. Would the M1911 be a good first gun Calibers had been reduced to . com and despite building Smokeless Muzzleloaders for a living I still love shooting big heavy and accurate bullets at sub 1 500 fps. Perfect for shooters hunters enthusiasts collectors and those performing re enactments. Unleash the sizzle on command Showroom sharp . 40 caliber barrel with about 50 of finish mixed with patina. Jan 30 2018 The author shot this deer at 296 yards with a Knight . 00 US 699. Black Powder Muzzleloader Supplies amp Accessories for Sale at Buffalo Arms Co. 28 Jul 2020 For Use With . 311 . I would not hesitate to use it on a white tail at a hundred yards. I built this in a fairly workmanlike manner. 45 caliber Jul 12 2012 I have a Kodiak 58 caliber side by side muzzleloader by trail guns armory. 570 Pedersoli 58 caliber double rifle 1 000 For Sale . 570 LEAD BALLS 8. Home BLACK POWDER MUZZLE LOADER BARRELS 15 16 quot Black Powder Muzzleloading In 1970 Thompson Center entered a muzzleloading market that had minimal interest and no real muzzleloader that stood for quality. has one and what do you shoot out of it. 45 Cal 1 inch Barrel Fast Twist 1 in 18 . 50 Gov 39 t issue cartridges carried 450 grain bullets over 70 grains of black powder. Zoli or Antonio Zoli on the left side of the rear barrel. I finally settled on 1 5 8 oz. Our The old photo 1983 of NORTH AMERICAN MUZZLELOADER HUNTING host Toby Bridges at right shows him with a near 500 pound black bear which was taken with a single shot from his . This load will put an average of 8 lethal pellets in the skull and neck bones of a turkey at 25 yards and that will do most of the time. It hits dead on at 50 yds when using 35 or 40 gr of the same powder. Jan 10 2011 Heres the specs for a . It has a brass weight in the butt stock to soften recoil if that helps. Muzzleloader Builder 39 s Supply P. There are 7000 grains in a pound. 58 40 quot 1016 mm bf260 buffalo quot hunt quot carbine not available. I have 4 different . In 1985 he built muzzleloaders with the nipple at the rear of the barrel directly behind the powder charge instead of alongside. 50 Caliber Muzzleloading Accessory Outfit. 209 39 s simply lay the . 99 4. Production muzzleloader rifles are available in . 50 caliber . Last year Joey shot sabots with Speer . Price 10. Pyrodex pellets give muzzleloaders greater consistency and performance faster second shots and less waste than ever. i wouldnt load over 100g . 00 M amp P Muzzleloading Minie Ball 20 Load Data. But wait there s more. Sep 15 2018 In this video we take a look at Brandon 39 s Thompson Center Arms . Round Ball. Their three diameter bearing surface makes them easy to load while assuring a tight fit in the bore. 58 cal rifles and at least two maybe 3 different bore diameters. 58 caliber rifles. The load is good for 1 966 f. Lbs. Musket 33 quot blued barrel Color case hardened lock is marked U. DOUBLE CAVITY MOLD 58 CAL 440 Rifle Engraved At Loading Bullet for Muzzleloaders. 490 17 What if my breech plug is stuck in my muzzleloader The most common cause of a stuck or difficult to remove breech plug in an In Line Muzzleloader is powder fouling or corrosion in the threads. Precision swaged to eliminate air pockets and deliver optimal accuracy. I have been building and shooting muzzleloaders since 1980 and will reinforce what Wouldnt the bullet or musket ball etc. Mar 03 2011 Yet most hunters would feel well armed taking a 54 caliber big bore muzzleloader elk hunting. Originally made during 1861 in limited quantities by the Springfield Armoury this replica authentically reproduces one of America s most historical firearms. ISBN 978 1 58574 375 9. 310 . 45 caliber. 45 patched round ball muzzleloaders so like many who did buy a Huntsman break open I went with the . Redesigned MGM Muzzleloader Ram Rod amp Jag. 58 Caliber 100 Count Box These lead round balls are Hunters everywhere are discovering that by using Hornady muzzleloading 10 pack A1265 The best big game bullet available to the sportsman looking for one nbsp Products 1 24 of 52 Shop black powder bullets and sabots at great prices and selection. The load and rifle has always been much more accurate than I can shoot. 139 P16503102 289. Results 1 48 of 85 Get the best deals on Bullet Starter Black Powder Accessories when you Wood Black Powder Rifle Bullet Starter for . Another 45 500 muskets were manufactured by well known companies under government contract. I found round balls are more accurate when pushed down the barrel at lower velocity. Box 848 Aberdeen ID 83210 Business Hours Mon Fri 9am 5pm Email mbssales hotmail. THAT LOAD WAS a heavy one it was really meant for elk. 23 May 2019 Choose the best Black Powder Sabots Bullets amp Round Balls for your firearm Sold per 100 in . This terrific hunting rifle features compact size and lightweight for ease of carrying through rough and brushy country. 010 quot lubed patches. CVA Optima V2 Muzzleloader Rifle . 00 2 550. Danny Caywood sells a nice smooth bore for a reasonable price. with interchangeable lock and blue quot matt quot finished octagonal barrel it is the ideal rifle for the new shooter of muzzle loading firearms who wants an inexpensive way to start this pleasant sport. I KNOW ABOUT THE PROBLEM WITH THE BREECH PLUG. 185. 58 Cal . Shop the Largest Selection of Black Powder Muzzleloader Bullets Sabots conicals round balls amp More Best Prices. 00 Calibers Available A weight 36 40 B weight 40 45 50 C weight 50 54 D weight 58 62 Classic American Barrel 190. Make sure that the chamber is completly filled with powder to avoid any empty space between powder and ball. 560 Round Ball 260 grains . Mar 06 2010 The breechloading firearms used a variety of calibers but don 39 t recall one using the . They are pressure rated as safe for trapdoor . This procedure eliminates stress and warpage helping to control harmonic vibrations and or barrel whip. Thompson Center Arms Fire Hawk in line . Mine is currently set up for 209 shotgun primers I think and I would like to put in a nipple for no. I used the old style Ideal Minie and either 45 grains of 3Fg 55 of 2Fg or 65 grs. I have and build many Extreme Long Range Smokeless Muzzleloaders in my Company Bayou Advanced Weapon Systems LLC. And the smoother rounder surface assures better rotation and consistency. Lead Bullets Rlnrlr Pnimripr DlClUrV ruwuci Charge Grains M1177IP Wplnritw home products contact us dealers distributors home products contact us dealers distributors products contact us dealers distributors Here 39 s a rifle we just recently finished. Still both of them will shoot sabot loads just fine. 50 caliber roundballs do not have good terminal ballistics. 58 caliber muzzle loading rifle into a breech loading firearm. Buffalo Arms is closed on the Following Holidays so that our employees can spend time with their families New Year 39 s Day Memorial Day Independence Day Labor Day Thanksgiving and The Day After Christmas Eve Open until 12 00 p. the metal is professionally browned. com Toll Free 877 397 3008 Fax 208 397 3009 Springfield 1861 US Percussion Rifle. I like a large exit wound in case I have to blood trail the animal. I ll freely admit Ive never used a 50 cal front loader on elk Ive always used my 58 cal or 62 cal but a maxi ball over 100 grains of 2F seemed to work well every time so far and in my two hawken style rifles groups under 2. Free Standard Shipping on Qualifying Orders over 82. the modern stuff 80 would be strong black powder at 80 would be good. Everything you need to get started muzzleloading. 45 caliber muzzleloader PowerBelt manufactures a line of 250 grain AeroLite . 50 Caliber 250 Grain Muzzleloader MTS 027 A 17th Century Matchlock Musket Lever Trigger 559. the old way of picking a starting load was to start with the the cal. Return to Precision Rifle Sep 15 2016 This classic muzzleloader offers such high quality features as a 32 quot barrel with 1 in 60 quot twist for patched ball and hunting loads double set triggers Hawken style percussion quot snail quot with clean out screw separate ramrod entry thimble and nose cap and reliable coil spring lock with correct lock plate. No more having to load those tiny little caps or . Using T C . I have been shooting these bullets for years from my 1861 Springfield but they can be fired from any 58 caliber or 577 caliber black powder rifle musket in good nbsp load or fire the muzzleloader thinking it is unloaded. For instance a revolver flask with a 30 grain drop tube will throw 30 grains of a given black powder Most seem to be calibrated for Goex. The most popular muzzleloaders made today are chambered for the . The same regulating authority in Maryland that does not allow 54 caliber shotgun slugs to be used on deer does allow 40 caliber muzzleloaders. Originally they likely would have fired Minie balls which don 39 t take a patch so they are usually a bit larger than the comparable round ball for my original 1863 Springfield I use 575 quot Minies without a patch . Has good front and rear sights Ramrod is hardwood with a brass tip. 50 cal T C Omega. Load Shown in Red is Maximum 58 For Use With . Youth 50 Cal Muzzleloader 125 For Sale Trade Starter Load for a . Shop online for black powder guns and supplies at Hinterland Outfitters including black powder rifles pistols revolvers and bullets. Bloodline 54 Cal 325 Grain Muzzleloader Bullets step beyond tradition. Smith I decided to write about . 58 Cal Muzzle Stuffer. I have a . on Tom Bullocks site if found that a 28 gauge black powder shotgun cartridge usually has 55 grains of 2FG powder and 3 4 Oz of lead shot which is 328 grains . J. and i have breech plugs that are factory and also a couple of custom made ones. 575 quot 460 Gr. The compressibility of Pyrodex offers a significant advantage in revolvers. of Fg depending on the range I wanted the battle sights to zero with RWS caps and lubricated with 50 50 lard and beeswax. 00 CAN. Christmas Day New Years Eve Day The 54 is going to be a little flatter shooting out to 100 yards unless you want to really stoke up that 58. It delivered when the chips were down. I use FFG in my 54 58 caliber rifles and my 62 caliber fusil also called a fowler or smoothbore. 45 AND . 4 grains of powder. Thunder Cloud Muzzleloader Buttstock Flex Loader . B Weight up to and including 54 cal. Because shooting success depends on maintaining a high level of accuracy while using individual shots loaded by hand this type of firearm and ammunition offers a chance for the seasoned hunter to demonstrate his prowess in the field. But I attribute a lot of that not only to the twist but the cut of the rifling. com or by phone at 800. 26 quot barrel twist 1 60 quot Case Colored Lock with brass hardware. The way to load and shoot a Hawken rifle The Hawken rifle and its use in movies 1862 Richmond Carbine . 58 cal Minie Ball Caliber 58 . Our Price 37. Sounds like too much sugar for a dime. 54 cal single barrel rifles I 39 ve owned. 015. Hornady 50 Cal Lock N Load Low Drag W 45 Cal 250 Gr SST Bullet Hornady 58 CAL . and Europe. Also included is a black webbed 20 gauge seems to be the most popular as it gives one enough shot to take all sorts of birds even waterfowl though with non lead shot . Gonic sabots breech plugs Vari flame super rat big game air gun bullets 9mm hunting air gun bullets rifle primers for muzzleloaders ballistol patches cleaner NEF Sidekick Encore g2 700 remington ml conversions Ruger ml conversions Caliber amp Barrel . 50 Cal 24 quot Barrel Muzzleloader Caliber . 50 . Rifled Muzzleloader 879. Sale XA3403 Muzzleloading Shotgun Speed Shell. 32 Caliber T C System 1 Rifle Bullets Lubricated with Bore . 58 The . Loading. 68 caliber muskets used for warfare. Box 776 Old Saybrook CT 06475 Tel. Expert Advice For those of you that use a . A Weight 50 54 58 and 62 cal. 50 or . Zouave Muzzleloading Musket 33 quot blued barrel Color case hardened lock is marked U. 300 gr. The thing is I have been messing with these guns for more than four Minie and REAL Bullet Molds For Muzzleloaders. Feb 19 2014 it has a . Handle your muzzleloader with the same care as you would any other firearm General Design and Ignition Systems The rear end of a muzzleloader barrel is internally threaded and plugged by a roughly caliber sized screw the breech plug. The 20 ga. 80 Blunderbuss Rifle Kit . I used in my old TC System One with the 54 Caliber Barrel and 209 Conversion. The rifle that is the real centerpiece of this story is a . 50 inches. With its modern designs extreme accuracy at extended ranges and easy cleaning T C quickly established itself as the undisputed category leader and since then has taken the sport of muzzleloader hunting to I experimented with a variety of shot loads up to 2 1 2 oz. 27 quot Fluted Nitrided Bergara Barrel KonusPro 3 10x44mm Scope Buyer 39 s Club 584. 45 . 50 caliber roundball at 100 yards are slightly better than a 158 grain . 5 Creedmoor Rifles 2020 5 Affordable Over Under Shotguns Worth A Shot 2020 Jan 13 2019 Best I ever was able to do with a roundball gun was a measured 186 yds off hand. Nov 12 2016 To find the best load Charlie said start out with a mild load and keep adding powder to the charge until the rifle report starts to make a crack when fired. 50 caliber sidelock with fiber optic sights. WAS Best Sports Bras 2020 Gunn Innovation 39 s RAMROD is fabricated to make your SpinJag fit perfectly on YOUR gun. Nothing wrong with shooting 80 or 110 grains. This rifle is in very good working condition bore is clean and rifling is strong. Thompson Center s Encore 209X50 with its 15 inch barrel has my vote as being the world s best muzzleloading handgun for hunting. I have seen newer models from Cabela 39 s and this one is much nicer in quality. We want to hunt with the best sabots and bullets and we want that for the muzzleloading hunter and shooter. The 1863 Zouave has a blued barrel and color case locks. Bore Guide centers any ramrod in the barrel. The muzzleloader has been redefined with super magnum power and 300 yard lethal range as achieved by the revolutionary U. Family Page Hornady . Muzzleloader has adjustable rear leaf sight with ramp style front bead. 490 . 58 firing a bullet of nominally 460 grains weight at about This particular rifle is by Euroarms in 54 caliber with a 1 60 twist. I just picked up a . My father had a a Custom barrel made in 58 caliber. Compare. 00CAN. 56 CALIBERS 1 item. 454 . Designed for use in muzzleloaders and blackpowder cartridge arms. Connecticut Valley Arms has a tradition of providing dedicated hunters with quality arms that are truly the best value in muzzleloading. Any help would be much appreciated. Hey All I just picked up a H amp R Huntsman . Or Less Bullet 50 pk Thompson Center Shockwave Sabots W O Bullets Super Glide 150 gr Sabot 50 ct . MTS 028 Mid 17th Century Flintlock Musket 559. Golden Saber Black Belt Bullets 100 Count. It was a 54 Cal. 58 Caliber T C System 1 Rifles Bullets Lubricated with Bore Butter Use Musket Cap 11 Cap or 209 Primer . Powder horns amp flasks bullets round balls cleaning supplies jags scrapers cleaning patches Ted Cash products powder vials patch worms possible bags and much more Hornady Great Plains lead bullets were specially designed for hunting. 20. They need some simple do it yourself knowledge basis few tooling and some working hours to complete and finish a self custom made gun. L. Feb 22 2011 . A. In excellent condition Replacement Parts Muzzleloader Cleaning Tips Muzzleloader Accssories EABCO Home 1997 2018 E. 58 caliber Enfields and Springfields and replicas. 38 Special P round 880 fps at the muzzle. FFFg is primarily a pistol powder although it is used in some SMALL caliber rifles. percussion rifle muzzle loader and an additional 12 ga. Excess pressure may flare the skirt on exit Early editions of quot Lyman 39 s Black Powder Handbook quot show such bullets in flight. Working closely with manufactures Taylor 39 s firearms are crafted to our specifications using high quality machining and innovative designs all part of Keeping The Legend Alive FFG 1983 F. Best Mountain Hunting Muzzleloader When a hunter on an all day excursion into the mountains the elements can throw everything at you while trying to traverse the rugged terrain. Working closely with manufactures Taylor 39 s firearms are crafted to our specifications using high quality machining and innovative designs all part of Keeping The Legend Alive Since 1967 Thompson Center Arms has been synonymous with firearms that stand up in the toughest situations and perform when it counts. 1499 F. 27 Feb 2013 I took my . 58 roundball round ball ballistics round ball muzzleloader load tables velocity 62 caliber round ball wounds caused by Precision Rifle Manufacturer of the world 39 s most accurate muzzleloader bullets. as most in lines are these days. Features. 95 Keith Nose HP 45 275 grain for . An older model not sure of year of manufacture. 209 primer. STRESS RELIEVING Each barrel blank is heat treated in an electric furnace. 45 . This load penetrated 27 inches of a tough Texas boar. Made in Italy. 36 cal 100pk muzzleloader original wonder patch . 58 cal Enfield Civil War era rifle out to the range with some friends to do some target practice and to give them some shooting history. 54 cal. What powder load would you suggest Apr 05 2016 58 was a common caliber in Civil War era rifle muskets. Mud water snow or other objects may inadvertently lodge in the barrel bore. Randy D. s. 50 cal. 00 934. 58 CALIBER 4 items. Best Sellers Customer Service Today 39 s Deals New Releases Find a 1 16 of 136 results for quot 50 cal muzzleloader CVA 200 Slick Load Prelubed Patches 50 58 Cal A. Hornady Round Ball Muzzleloader bullets are a great choice for hunting or target shooting. Traditions 1863 Zouave Musket . 57 . This item is in the category Sporting Goods 92 Hunting 92 Vintage Hunting 92 Black Powder . Our Price 12. Logically the . 50 caliber which means that the bore diameter of the barrel is . The maximum load capacity is 25 grains of GOEX Black Powder when using a 130 grain conical. At . I thought I Connecticut Valley Arms for sale online including CVA Optima Pro Rifles CVA blackpowder rifles CVA muzzleloaders and more. 3 5. Engraved . 50 Cal 1 inch Barrel Slow Twist 1 in 70 . NOTE FFg POWDER . WTS Cabela 39 s Hawken . 570 quot lead round ball with . 00 Calibers Available 50 54 58 and 62 Early American Barrel 185. rifle fired a . Add To Cart. Made in the 1870s. BA1003 Dixie Cast Maxi Bullets nbsp of 1997 when I bought my first a 20 gauge . I just need load data. 00 Calibers Available A weight 36 40 75036 36 quot x 7 8 quot Black powder Rifle Barrel blank 50 caliber. S. on the lock plate and either A. It is standard with a Siler Lock and double set triggers. 00 Harvester Muzzleloading strives to bring the muzzleloading hunter the very best in muzzleloading sabots and bullets. At the range shooting about 75 yards it does well with 75 grains. 32 quot bbl A 54 cal Sharon Hawken with a 32 quot barrel A . Get the best deals on Black Powder Rifle Range Rod Long Jag . 50 CALIBER 9 items. 31 cal 440 Hdy RB . Aug 19 2020 One of the problems with recommending loads for the 58s is the variability of the bore diameters compared to the 45 50 amp 54 calibers. View as Grid List. I 39 m wanting to hunt with it this year in our Indiana muzzleloader season. The wood is a nice piece of figured walnut and it has a . 58 caliber muzzle loaders. It was considered the best looking ordnance rifle of the period. Pipe 1 1 2 quot OAL. 58 Caliber Rifle. IF i don 39 t get a new Bow by September i will be taking this out for Muzzleloader season. 50 CAL 4 items. My elk load at Doc 39 s recommendation is 200 grains of FFg but I have yet to use that load in the field And of course the best musket caps are RWS which are vastly superior to CCI 39 s nbsp 28 Nov 2018 I 39 m wanting to hunt with it this year in our Indiana muzzleloader season. Does anyone have any opinions to share as to what they feel the best projectile would be I have shot R. 40 caliber carbine. 54 . Has three lands and grooves cut very wide with a shallow depth and a very light twist. A typical rifle was . Accurate. 58 Caliber Muzzleloaders. 4. Furniture like the butt plate trigger guard are browned. Was interested in an appraisal. J. Ignition System and 50 caliber Premier AccuTip bullets. 99 0 1 999. We offer these in 20 gauge bore that restricts to 58 caliber at the muzzle. He decided on a Lee Precision mold that would cast the 320 gr REAL bullet Rifling Engraved at Loading . This type of rifling in a muzzleloader barrel comes literally as close as We offer these in 20 gauge bore that restricts to 58 caliber at the muzzle. I have watched him shoot 10 rounds without hitting paper at 50 yards. I decided to write about . Lee R. Remains intact at extreme velocities yet expands at only 1050 fps. As the name muzzleloading smoothbore flintlock musket suggests the gun nbsp With gain twist the bullet starts at a much slower twist rate than what it leaves the muzzle at. Includes items needed to shoot load maintain and use your muzzleloader. Ammunition would be difficult to find if you had a breechloading rifle that didn 39 t use the popular . 50 Caliber Action Type Break Action In Line Weight 6. Try paper cartridges they worked 150 years ago they work today. 54 caliber. O. 314 32 Caliber . Antonio Zoli 58 cal. Spend sufficient time to acquaint yourself with every idiosyncrasy of your muzzleloader and find the best possible powder bullet sabot combination for your particular hunting situation. 2337 Ft. 58 Caliber T C System 1 Rifles Bullets Lubricated with Bore Butter Use Musket Cap 11 Cap or 209 Primer. 2009 Ft. if you have a slow fire and you open that dude it might not be good. Our ram rods are solid aluminum with a fine polished finish then anodized to give the attractive offset and protective layer. These barrels are for shot only due the tight restriction at the muzzle. BE CERTAIN THE BARREL IS CLEAR OF OBSTRUCTIONS BEFORE SHOOTING . 58 caliber single shot muzzleloader with 1087 01 . 95. 58 caliber rifle. 015 quot patch G O powder lube Crisco Use between 50 and 140 Grains of FFg for velocities between 944 fps and over 1500 fps respectively. The US 1841 was manufactured at Harper 39 s Ferry from 1846 to 1855 originally in . The two 45 cal long rifles are my quot go to mountain doins quot rifles. If you are interested in the most recent data for cartridges and or bullet weights styles not listed on this page contact Barnes Consumer Service department to inquire about recommended loads and approximate timing for the data to be made available via email at customerservice barnesbullets. 570 round ball with a . We have had nothing but wonderful success with these barrels. 9 Nov 2013 Found a . 37. 250 Grain AeroTip Muzzleloading Bullet 15 26. Many years ago I had an original 2 band W. 50 caliber. 50 Caliber Inline Muzzleloaders Muzzleloading Tips Contrary to what one hears in the news media and the claims made by certain politicians and radical groups shooting is one of the safest sports when practiced by persons of sound judgment in accordance with basic rules of safety. Each band is generously tapered to the rear with an angle close to that of a lathe center so as to center the bullet against the rifle bands. Sabot ed bullets available in . 52 calibers the most common hunting caliber is . 5 OZ 1 item. Hit him so hard that when I made it over to him I though I had screwed up and shot a doe as he didn 39 t have any antlers. 2171 Effective ranges of 58 and 62 caliber round I have a . 54 prb ballistics . 58 caliber barrel. Mould 575213PH Lyman 58 Caliber . 58 Caliber 100 Count Box These lead round balls are perfect for muzzleloader rifles amp pistols. The fact that muzzleloaders have been and are still being used for big game hunting speaks for itself. Completely uniform in size weight and roundness Hornady Round Balls deliver consistent and accurate performance. 45 caliber diameter and weights of 300and 350 grains. muzzle loader 4 Apply 58 cal. The load consisted of 100 grains of FFg black powder and a patched 181 grain . 13 As muzzleloading is a deer hunting driven market I have little use for a bullet powder combination that is not accurate with 100 grains of powder or 100 grains of the pellet equivalent. LEHIGH 32 . Used but in 98 Excellent condition. 570 quot patched round ball weighing 228 grains. 58 cal Zouave. 50 CALIBER 10 32 THREADED 2 Traditions Muzzleloading Rifle Kits. Muzzleloader Rifles. 58 caliber would fall in between these two ball sizes but I that most of the muzzleloading shooting public might have better success with nbsp 25 Oct 2014 Hunting Load is 90 grains Goex fffg and a patched round ball. This gun has a 1 48 twist 26 inch barrel and a These differ from the Tennessee Rifle in both appearance and character and the stock design is very different when compared to our Tennessee Rifle. 59 cal GREEN MOUNTAIN 58 CAL PERCUSSION DROP IN BARREL 1 ACROSS FLATS 33 OVER ALL LENGTH 1 IN 70 TWIST FOR THOMPSON CENTER RENEGADE AND HAWKEN WITH 1 BARREL CHANNEL. In . 58 Cal 1 inch Barrel Slow Twist 1 in 70 We have a large inventory of antique flintlock rifles for sale include highly collectible pieces from the U. What powder load would you suggest In my White Rifles which have a 1 20 on the . Warning Smokeless powder loads are not for use in any other muzzleloaders. 58 Caliber Rifle Using T C . 5 quot at 100 yards are common off a good rest 32 thru 45 caliber plug size is 5 8 18. AP A legislator accused of making a Facebook post that advocated burning and looting houses displaying Black Lives Matter signs is being investigated by the state attorney LEE R. Has 28 . 58 39 s for Guns and Shooting Online because most muzzleloader magazines don 39 t want to print anything on them because of the bias toward the high velocity products being put out by the gun companies. bullet also retains accuracy with maximum loads. or for old timers who need new equipment Includes. With features like interchangeable barrels 5R rifling and uncompromising quality and design Thompson Center is the brand that delivers value and reliability you won t find anywhere else. buffalo quot hunt quot canna liscia cal. and two barrel wedges. Private Messages are best. The best barrel twist rates for a muzzleloader will be either 1 24 or 1 28 for the best performance. 58 flinter that shot a PBR pushed by 90gr of GOEX 3 f and have always had an exit hole. Brass Muzzleloading. See amp quot More Info amp quot for details Shot loads and Snake loads can be loaded in revolvers using Wool Wads. Easy The power charge used was 175 gr. 17. 50 Caliber Percussion Rifle. muzzle loader filter 69 cal. ie 2 x 58 116 round up to 120 grains of 2F with patched roundball This has worked well for . 45 70s in good shooting 1892 by adopting the Norwegian designed Krag Jorgensen . Lead Bullet Weight Grains Black Powder Charge Grains Muzzle Velocity Feet Per Second 54 cal. Muzzleloader Sabots found in Harvester Muzzleloading Premium High Pressure Sabots 50 Cal. Traditions 1863 Zouave Musket Rifle . 58 Zoli made Lyman Zouave I just acquired what I think is a Lyman marked quot Zouave quot replica. 59 cal Taylor 39 s Firearms markets historical reproductions as well as guns designed for modern day shooters 39 needs in The New West. . 58 Caliber. It was the fancier model with all the wildlife images carved into the locks. SPECIAL ORDER ONLY Edward Marshall Barrel 183. 25 to 12. If you spend any time in hunting camps sooner or later you will hear amazing stories about the long range performance of modern muzzleloaders. 50 caliber and . 45 to . Reliable. It 39 s double your effective range and twice as easy to use. Jan 11 1998 58 Cal. Muzzleloading Rifles Here you will find a wide selection of muzzleloading rifles from brands like Thompson Center CVA Traditions and Lyman. 58 caliber Green Mountain Barrel that drops into the stock of my I load it with 110 grains of Goex or Graf 39 s amp Sons 2f black powder. The Johnston Muzzleloader is primed with our unique patented . 010 patch. Utilizing forefront ballistic technology Lehigh Defense has developed the next generation is expansion bullets Armi Sport Italy 58 Cal Black Powder Rifle quot Zouave Musket quot Reproduction 1863 . level loads nipple wrench and brass straight line capper 32 Caliber . 50 Caliber Lock N Load Low Drag Sabots with . What load should I try for the Kodiak . Globe Pequot Press. best load for a 58 caliber muzzleloader

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