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  • double doodle temperament Jun 29 2020 Doodles can suffer from joint problems. Fortunately the Mini Goldendoodle comes from a good heritage. Double Doodle Breed Details. We understand what an important addition a puppies can be to your family so we never compromise on our Doodle 39 s health temperament or intelligence. Double Doodle Pictures. Exceptional Double Doodles Goldendoodle x Labradoodle Blaine WA Reputable breeder of quality fully health tested standard size Australian Bernedoodles and multi generational Double Doodles. The first SwissRidge golden mountain doodle was bred in 2013 so they are still a young breed. Doodle dogs are mixes between poodles and other breeds. A Doodle is a poodle mix or cross breed typically where a poodle is mixed with another breed in order to produce a more healthy and non shedding version of the pure bred dog. You ll be overwhelmed with terms such as Australian doodle bernedoodle aussie poodle mix multi generation aussiedoodle labra aussie doodle australian poodle and more. Sincer 2002 our puppies have gone all over Oregon to almost every state in the US and some internationally as well The Goldendoodle is considered to be a non to light shed. May 28 2013 Subtle Differences in Personality As long as I can remember I was told that a female dog is the way to go. Having dogs with an easy going temperament will create puppies with the same. They have a great temperament and we specialize in F1b multi generational goldendoodles and double doodles also known as North American retrievers . They are mutts and as such are unpredictable in temperament and health issues. Goldendoodles and Double Doodles also available. Alternatively some breeders will choose to breed an F1B Goldendoodle and another F1B Goldendoodle which would result in the F2B being 75 Poodle and 25 Ygritte is from the Luna X Bruno litter. A Double Doodle is a cross between a Labradoodle Lab Doodles and a Goldendoodle Golden Retriever Poodle . These quot Double Doodles quot are also called quot the next logical hybrid quot dog. As of now we do English Bernedoodles English Goldendoodle with a Bernedoodle and Saint Bernedoodles Saint Berdoodle with a Bernedoodle We have our reasons for doing these crosses and it 39 s not just because they are absolutely adorable. The Aussiedoodle is not a purebred dog. Hoppy is the dad to this litter of medium size non shedding Doodle puppies. They love to play and get as much physical exercise as possible. Our parents are both health tested for clearances of genetic disorders that are common with both the Golden Retriever and the Poodle. His mother was a Labradoodleand his father a Goldendoodle each multi generation. Plays Apr 29 2019 F2B Goldendoodle 62. Photo jasonburke Look for a Healthy Dog Not a Designer Label. Our main goal for our breeding program is to find prospective parent dogs who exhibit the perfect blend of health temperament sound structure and beauty. Jul 09 2019 There is no such breeds as labradoodle goldendoodle double doodle and whatever doodle. 2 year Health Guaranty. Discover facts about the history characteristics and temperament of the Double Doodle nbsp The Aussiedoodle also called the Aussiepoo Aussiepoodle or Big Ball of Fluff It 39 s important to learn more about their temperament and quirks before Poodles are hypoallergenic dogs but Australian shepherds have a smooth dual coat nbsp Labradoodle vs Goldendoodle Temperament middot Both breeds are intelligent and eager to please nbsp Double Doodle Dogs Info Temperament Training Puppies Pictures. The genetic body structure of the Double Doodle is fascinating which like this influence the fluctuated qualities between people of the breed. Double Doodles are friendly and intelligent dogs that are great with children. quot These make great looking dogs given the mixes and the variability of shedding and hypo allergenic status varies based on the parents 39 genes. Sheepadoodles Australian Labradoodles Goldendoodles Australian Bernedoodles Mountain Sheepadoodles Golden Mountain Doodles. May 28 2020 A double doodle is bred by crossing goldendoodle and a labradoodle. They all inherit some of his happy outgoing personality quirky sense of humor and white toes He also passes on his non shedding super soft fleece coat. He needs owners who are prepared for that and are happy to give him at least 30 minutes of outside time a day. Great Agility amp Therapy dogs READ OUR BLOG POST ON 10 OF THE BEST TOYS AND CHEWS FOR DOODLE PUPPIES The 7 Puppy Stages. We raise and breed standard and medium bordoodles aussiedoodles and goldendoodles. Downeast Designer Doodles offers Goldendoodle Labradoodle Doubledoodle and Sheepadoodle puppies for sale. May 14 2016 A mixture of two or more breeds or various other combinations of the Poodle the Labrador Retriever and the Golden Retriever the Double Doodle is a cross between two more cross doodles the Goldendoodle and the Labradoodle and hence its name. Size coat temperament and shedding are all going to vary from one to another depending on what the parents are. In general though Labradoodles are friendly dogs who are devoted to their families. We are a small home breeder who raise our puppies in a very loving home environment. If interested please click on this picture House of Worship Directory. The Double Doodle is a hybrid of hybrids. Their parents are free of structural and genetic diseases and chosen for health temperament and color. The Goldendoodle is a result of breeding a Golden Retriever and a Poodle together. F1b Double Doodles also know as the ultimate doodle. The temperament of the Double Doodle will be a mix of the Golden Retriever Poodle and Labrador Retriever s personalities and characters. Easy to train superb temperament and hypoallergenic. We are so blessed to be able to include Clark and his genetics as an important part of our breeding program. Therefore if you 39 re looking for a Mini Golden doodle for sale or other mini doodle dog check out our mini goldendoodle page for pictures and other information. It 39 s not a new mix I know people with 12 year old double doodles. Jan 14 2016 We just put a deposit down on a F1 Goldendoodle puppy for the Spring. We are a Seattle dog breeder raising Doodle Labradoodle Bernedoodle Doubledoodle and Goldendoodle puppies with over 25 years of experience. Her parents are our Lola and Safari 39 s Artful Dodger. If you 39 re considering a Labradoodle learn about the pros and cons to decide if they are right for you. At Crockett Doodles our mission is to pair our family raised puppies to loving nbsp The golden mountain doodle is made up of a golden retriever Bernese the Bernese thrive in cold weather and have a double coat that sheds quite heavily. Wow I feel very confused now. 00 when you adopt a second Doodle at any time in the future or you may have a bigger discount when adopting 2 pups at the same time. Emmy has had one previous litter and she was an excellent mama. The Goldendoodle is a hybrid cross breed of a Poodle and Golden Retriever. Our small standard goldendoodle prices are available upon request. She is great with my kids and our family adores her. She is very loving and playful with children especially. Our primary focus is providing healthy well mannered dogs that easily take to training. Although he is gentle and intelligent he is also rather rambunctious and tends to be extremely social. Depending on how you look at it Double Doodles have up to five parent breeds way more than your typical mixed breed dog Here we ll look at the purebreds Labrador Retrievers and Golden Retrievers and Poodles. Here we breed both English and non English Goldendoodles Labradoodles Bernedoodles and a small number of Borderdoodle litters. Puppies are raised in our home with love. Double Doodle Temperament. It is adept at amusing people and being the center of attention a result of having the Poodle s lineage. Being a wonderful family companion the Goldendoodle gets along well with children and does well with other dogs and family pets. A Labradoodle s temperament depends on several things including the temperaments of his parents especially the mother the amount of socialization he receives and the genes he inherits. Unlike the multi generation Australian Labradoodle there has not been enough time yet for coat correction with SOME Goldendoodle or Labradoodle breeders. They will be up to date on all vet checks. Puppies temperament tested health certified 1 yr health warranty. The theory behind the Goldendoodle s development was to create a larger Doodle that maintained the desired low dander low shedding coat and that Temperament Evaluation . 101 Doodles was created by the love two families share for their doodles. They are very affectionate with people and other pets. Trigger loves to run and loves to play in the water. Double Doodle Dogs Info Temperament Training Puppies Pictures Golden Doodle Dog Golden Doodles Golden Retriever Poodle Mix Low Shedding Dogs Mini Goldendoodle Puppies Miniatures Pictures Animals Google Search Sierra Vista 39 s Rosalita is a mini multigenerational Goldendoodle. Tango Wool Labradoodles is located in the hinterlands of Western Massachusetts in the heart of the beautiful Berkshire mountains close to the borders of New York Connecticut and Vermont where I have lived with my two daughters for over 38 years. Although these breeds are great as they are crossbreeding them comes with even more advantages. They are human oriented dogs and tend to develop a strong bond with their owners and companions. Golden Doodles also take quite a while for their coats to fully mature. Double doodle Waterville 1000. She is athletic and energetic while outside with her doggie friends but calm and collected in the house. Well Bred Doodle Puppies of All Sizes At Doodle Bug Doodles we breed doodles with the best coat color and temperament. Temperament amp Train ability. Pictured is a Goldendoodle puppy. We breed this Hybrid dog to gain the positive characteristics from each individual breed. Goldendoodle vs Aussiedoodle Temperament. Forever Goldendoodle is a small breeder of Goldendoodles located in the beautiful hills of central Ohio. Suzie. Reece was born and raised in our home and we have seen her grow and experienced her super canine love and intelligence or at least that s what we think . May 03 2020 Double Doodle Temperament To fully understand a mixed breed dog you have to consider the parent breeds. com See full list on petguide. When socialized properly they do great on walks meeting strangers and other dogs. Doodles have the awesome low shed Poodle hair as well as the poodle intelligence AND the awesome kid friendly personality of the Retriever. GoldenDoodle Puppies Doodles. Review how much Double Doodle puppies for sale sell for below. Some breeders are mixing this with that and calling them whatever terms they think people want. Double Doodle Dog Breed Behavioral Traits Double Doodles are loveable family oriented dogs. Slick sports a confident personality and carries a beautiful black coat. Blue will carry for a rainbow of colors. Beginning crate training . It comes with a medium to a large sized head long ears large round eyes In each litter there are various personalities present. He is a delightful addition to our family. Folks often say that the girls are sweeter than boys they do not have any bad habits and they just make better family pets. What about a Mini Double Doodle A mini double doodle is bred between two doodle dogs and is less than 30 pounds. It is a cross between the Australian Shepherd and the Poodle. This crossbred is known for being very sociable loving and family oriented. They get this from the parent breeds. They nbsp The Double Doodle is not a purebred dog. A mixture of two or more breeds or various other combinations of the Poodle the Labrador Retriever and the Golden Retriever the Double Doodle is a cross between two more cross doodles the Goldendoodle and the Labradoodle and hence its name. See full list on petguide. Our doodles are unique because of their health intelligence and calmness. Then breeding of Double Doodle to Double Doodle took place to produce a Tri Doodle. 6 May 2019 You 39 ll choose ones that have the right temperament and the right The Black Goldendoodle is a combination of a pure Golden Retriever and nbsp 10 Apr 2018 Double Doodle Dog Temperament. We breed our dogs with great love and care. We often have medium size dogs 30 to 45 pounds and occasional have the miniature size 20 to 30 lbs as well. Bordoodle Puppies Dogs For Sale About Doodles. The temperament of the Double Doodle is dependent on the behavioral traits inherited from its parents. With a long coat hair button eyes black nose and flappy ears these intelligent dogs make a beautiful friendly pet. She has a sweet loving and playful temperament a princess who wins the heart of all who meet her. Adults Guardian Homes Bordoodles. And most helpful for people with allergies non shedding Thus the very reasons why this hybrid breed was desired as Labradoodles and Goldendoodles both truly possess invaluable traits which precede their up and coming reputation. Posted June 14 2013 The Mini Goldendoodle could take after either one more of one than the other or a great mixture of both as far as personality and temperament is concerned. Double Doodle Breed nbsp The Goldendoodle is a designer dog a hybrid dog breed resulting from mixing size and temperament aren 39 t as predictable as those of purebreds since you his food and feeding him twice a day rather than leaving food out all the time. Aussiedoodles have an average tendency to nip chew play bite or herd people. Vaccinations and deworming. Jun 09 2020 Their temperament also varies from dog to dog so it may be good to find an older Doodle who has already received some training. An adorable mix between the Golden Retriever and Poodle Goldendoodles are the ultimate combination of good looks smart wits and playfulness. Gallery. Official site. The terms no shed and low shed are imprecise. lack of care about breeding for health and temperament never mind looks nbsp 7 Jun 2019 As for the temperament the dogs are usually self assured good natured and placid The double doodle is a unique poodle mix born from the nbsp 30 Jul 2019 And as with ANY dog there can be challenges but I show how even the quot negatives quot are truly positives with my doodle NOW watch these hard nbsp Double Doodle Dogs Info Temperament Training Puppies Pictures. While he will bark at strangers his easy going personality and tendency to not feel cautious around new faces make him a questionable watchdog. Very loving and hard to re home. Irish Doodle Temperament The Irish Doodle is an intelligent energetic but sometimes sensitive animal that craves human companionship. The Double Doodle is a mix of two different breeds the Goldendoodle and the Labradoodle. F1b Goldendoodles are a cross between an F1 Goldendoodle and a Poodle. Character amp Temperament. Jun 05 2019 Double Doodle Temperament To understand a mixed breed fully we must first look at each parent breed. The nbsp 10 Mar 2018 This month 39 s medium sized breed The Goldendoodle continues to hold It is always better to get the right temperament puppy for your family nbsp . Our puppies are hand raised in our home and become a beloved member of our family. We raise Goldendoodles with outstanding temperament and health. Fun for the Whole Family. Find Goldendoodles for Sale in Columbus on Oodle Classifieds. quot quot She is the most amazing dog very mellow and calm. F2B Goldendoodles. Double Doodle Dogs Info Temperament Training Puppies Pictures Cute Dogs And Puppies Baby Puppies I Love Dogs Doggies Cute Baby Animals Animals And Pets Coton De Tulear Puppy Sweet Dogs Havanese Dogs Labradoodle Temperament and Personality. A hybrid dog s temperament can often differ greatly based on the specific genetic contribution of each parent. They are known to be accepting of all people even strangers. The smaller Doodle may dwell in an apartment easily but exercise is extremely crucial. Mar 04 2020 My name is Laura Chaffin and I am a small breeder of Golden Doodles Labradoodles and Double Doodles. Most all our Bernedoodle and Double Doodle puppies mature in the Mini size range 20 50 lbs. We think that doodles are perfect in every way and we invite you to take a look around our site and get to know us and our dogs a bit. You can reserve your puppy with a deposit of 300. He then mated Double Doodles to other Double Doodles and the progeny of these matings he called Tri Doodles . He loves other animalsand people. A Goldendoodle takes on the traits of a golden retriever who has long thick fur. I adopted Oreo in March 2019 after seeing him on this page. Double Doodle is a premier hybrid nursery where our carefully chosen F1 F1B Aussie Doodles give birth to some of the most amazing family pets you could ever adopt. Mom Ivy. For more info click the link below. Must have a loving forever home. She is full of life but very polite and gentile. If you ve been hoping to adopt the highly recommended doodle with the most laid back temperament make a Cloud Nine Bernedoodle puppy your new best friend. We specialize in adorable Double Doodles Australian Labradoodles amp Sheepadoodles. Micro chipping is also available. The DogExperts. Weighing in at a whopping 18 pounds Rose is a lot of love and affection in a small package. They will be 7 8ths Poodle 1 16th Golden and 1 16th Lab. He is a super suck loves to be around people . We are torn between the two. In addition Slick will arrive well bred healthy and family raised. They are easy to train and rarely aggressive and they get along with children and other family pets. At the core Barry sports a mellow personality and can make a home nearly anywhere provided there is lots of love and a healthy dose of exercise. The term Flat a doodle reminds me of a term I saw in my local newspaper advertisment regarding a breeder who was advertising Double doodles . McKinney TX Home raised with children Volhard Temperament Tested for a perfect placement. com Schmidt Double Doodles produce such quality smart amp adorable Doodles. Double Doodles are highly sociable dogs that love to be around just about anybody from strangers and children to other dogs and animals. The National Research Council recommends that you feed around 1 350 calories for an Australian Shepherd weighing 50 pounds and a similar intake will be required for an Aussiedoodle. Jul 16 2020 This combination usually leads to shorter less curly fur. She will be the mom of our upcoming litter of Double They are hypoallergenic from the curly coats of the Poodle and yet have the calm and gentle disposition of a Golden Retriever. Half of our puppies go on to be service and therapy dogs. Hybrid vigor typically makes a doodle healthier than its original purebred counterpart. In its native land it is highly regarded for its keen sense of smell and hunting skills. American Hunting Doodles make superior hunting dogs due to their intelligence versatility and loyalty. Double Doodle Personality and Temperament. Double Doodles accept strangers with ease so don t expect them to protect your children. Temperament Double Doodles are loving friendly and happy dogs that make great pets for families with children or first time dog owners who are looking for a pup that 39 s smart and easy to train. Oct 02 2010 So then a quot double doodle quot results when the offspring of an F1 Labradoodle F1 Goldendoodle is then crossed with a poodle making it 1 8 lab 1 8 golden and 3 4 poodle. One major benefit of a Double Doodle is that they are typically quite healthy and often by passed when it comes to the medical issues that their purebred I am a premium breeder of Goldendoodles Labradoodles Doubledoodles and Mini Doodles. Generally choosing a puppy that has more wave in coat will result in a Doodle that has less shedding. Although qualities of Labradoodles and Goldendoodles are similar there are some differences between them in temperament. Pleasant Grove Utah United States 801 361 4259 great temperament as well as beautiful. The breed is highly popular not only because they have an excellent temperament but because they typically shed very little if at all making them good for people who have allergies. They are best suited for active families and homes with yards where they can romp around. She loves to be outdoors and sharing in with whatever her guardian family is doing. If you don 39 t mind having a mutt it is much more ethical to adopt one from a shelter than to pay big money for it. DRC is a volunteer foster based rescue comprised of a quot collective quot of over 800 registered volunteers nationwide. We know you will love the versatility the trainability and the loyalty of these loving Teddy Bear English Cream Goldendoodle puppies We sale Goldendoodle puppies in Spokane Boise San Francisco Los Angelos Portland San Deigo Washington California Idaho Oregon Rue is a Double Doodle out of Sparkles and Rocco. Personality Differences. Double Doodles are both highly intelligent and very trainable. Anyone seeking one of our puppies we hope will bring them into a forever home with the same love and dedication. Dec 20 2019 What is a Double Doodle A Double Doodle is a mix between a Labradoodle Lab and Poodle mix and a Goldendoodle Golden Retriever and Poodle mix . Double Doodle Puppy For Sale in STRATFORD WI USA. The dog parents are Alberta 39 s Quantum amp Louise known for producing puppies of outstanding temperament and beautiful coats. Visit us now to find the right Goldendoodle Aussiedoodle or Double Doodle for you. He is a calm loyal and adoring dog to have and despite his size. While I was growing up we always had female pets and often even paid more for them. Availability 1 Twin City Doodles strives to produce healthy well structured and allergy friendly Goldendoodles with amazing temperament and vitality. Appearance. They are great family dogs and nbsp Our Double Doodle puppies for sale are Volhard Temperament Tested Vaccinated Health Guarantee Parental Health Tested Visits Welcome You will meet nbsp The Double Doodle is a mix between the Goldendoodle and a Labradoodle. We have 2 beautiful male Double Doodle puppies for sale in Tyler TX. Professional grooming costs about Most all our Bernedoodle and Double Doodle puppies mature in the Mini size range 20 50 lbs. 5 Poodle 37. Jan 17 2013 Oodles of Doodles Inc. Our doodles have an excellent reputation for health personality beauty and intelligence. To enhance this innate sense of trust and balance Blue Ridge Goldendoodles makes it their priority to continually breed for the best possible temperament. F2B Medium Double Doodle Available June 5 2019. They are known to be extremely calm and patient and are considered great family pets for this very reason. DOUBLE DOODLE AND MULTI GEN FACTS . We love our golden doodle Tenney. Temperament Intelligent loving friendly social. Emmy is our double doodle she is a nice medium size dog. He is currently taking flyball lessons and loves boat riding and the water. He has a lot of energy from his Poodle and Lab sides and is playful and sociable. They vary in size shape color and coat texture all depending on their mix. English Goldendoodles are a very adaptable breed which is a very good choice for novice owners. Golden Doodle Puppies for sale in Phoenix Golden Doodle Breeder in Phoenix PAW rents Reviews Sweet smart puppies with that great and often silly golden temperament bred for health vs looks. 5 Golden Retriever is a cross between a F1 Goldendoodle 50 Poodle 50 Golden Retriever and a F1B Goldendoodle 75 Poodle 25 Golden Retriever . . Posted June 14 2013 by Helen Small. Not just any dog but the type more popular today than any of the dazzling breeds at the Westminster Apr 29 2020 With the high intelligence of both poodles and golden retrievers the goldendoodle provides charming companionship and entertaining antics. Lacey our Golden Retriever is her mother and her father is a chocolate Poodle named Baron from Vancouver. Both sociable and friendly eager to please and trainable you couldn t ask for a better family companion. Excellent temperaments amp coats. These Bernedoodle puppies are going to be an excellent choice for a therapy dogs as both Andy and Mika are super chill dogs and Andy is a great producer of amazing therapy dogs. The Double Doodle is a triple threat in the designer breed world. This results in longer thicker and curlier fur on the Goldendoodle. In order to understand why your puppy doesn t listen to you at times you need to understand each stage of development a puppy goes through as it matures. Physical Differences Labrador retriever reach between 55 and 80 pounds Golden retrievers reach between 55 and 80 pounds Poodles reach between 40 and 70 pounds Double Doodles are known as the ultimate Doodle for their mix and charming characteristics from both Goldendoodles and Labradoodles. Temperament of the Miniature Irish Doodle Mini Irish Doodles are very intelligent but can have the stubbornness that comes with Irish Setters so training is not always easy but always worth it This breed is loving and ready to please their new family so with patience your new puppy will learn everything you want them to and be a loyal companion. He would be a great companion. They are extremely intelligent and they love to learn making them an exceptionally trainable animal in fact some may take after the Irish Setter and once they learn something you will be hard pressed to get Jul 12 2020 Temperament Intelligent loving friendly social. Apr 11 2011 Where that terminology came from is anyone s guess. We give you a discount of 250. Similarly this might be something to consider if you want your dog to love swimming and hunting two things golden retrievers are well known for. She is the perfect temperament for our family. All Labradoodle Goldendoodle Double Doodle puppies are health checked by my Vet and issued a Health Certificate de wormed and first vaccine. Chocolate Labradoodle Apricot Labradoodle Red Labradoodle Double Doodle amp Goldendoodle Puppies available Health Certified Home Raised well socialized What they learn during this critical period will have a huge impact on their future personality behavior and temperament. Mar 13 2020 Aussiedoodle Temperament. Items Included Collar vet records. Of course like all hybrid breeds his temperament may vary but the average Double Doodle is a friendly and playful family companion. We strive for excellence in temperament and health. Those traits are quite common in both of their Poodle and Australian Shepherd parents. Double Doodles Goldendoodles have the loyal and gentle temperament of a Golden Retriever but without all the shedding Goldendoodles are highly intelligent animals easy to train which makes for a wonderful well rounded family dog Due to their bright loving temperament and outgoing personality they are excellent companions for people with disabilities. Breeders Jeannie and Steve were great to accommodate me with my travel plans for picking him up in MN. See full list on allthingsdogs. Temperament is affected partly by inheritance and partly by environment so it can be variable. inexperienced breeders. An Aussiedoodle s temperament depends on several things the temperaments of his parents especially the mother who is more likely to influence a puppy s behavior the amount of socialization he receives and the particular genes he inherits. Also known as the Ultimate Doodle. Rose has a beauriful curly fleece low no shedding allergy friendly coat. The 75 Poodle in their generation strictly pertains to the non shedding and hypo allergenic factors. In addition to their friendly and affectionate nature Doodles are adaptable intelligent and remarkably sensitive to their owners emotions. She has a soft fleece coat which is rich chocolate in colour. We are a family of animal lovers. We follow a guide dog assessment test to follow the puppies personalities build confidence where needed and work with them. Jul 12 2020 StoneRidge Doodles is located in Anoka County Minnesota and is proud to have connected GoldenDoodles SheepaDoodles and BerneDoodles with their forever families all over the world PUPPY PACKAGES We know every family has unique needs for a smooth transition for both the family members and their new pup. He is also quite friendly and smartly intelligent. Double Doodle Breed Characteristics. In the case of the Double Doodle that means that you look at the Labrador Retriever the Poodle and the Golden Retriever. There are usually puppies in each litter that have the loose wavy coat that look exactly like the F 1 Goldendoodle. Aussiedoodles can do well in apartments as long as they get enough exercise mental stimulation and attention. Other Names. Blue is our very own home bred Double Doodle out of Bailey F1b Goldendoodle and Crosby Aus Labradoodle . Brandy is our newest addition and we are thrilled with her looks temperament and health she truly is welcomed and loved by our family of humans and other pets. Health and Lifespan. See full list on animalsadda. full grown. We provide for you 4 hour exit seminar including Nutrition Parental amp Puppy Health Training Crates Treats Toys amp Grooming Education amp Supplies We love English Goldendoodle Doodle Temperament. This result is because they all started with our lovely poodle named Roxy and a couple of wonderful male stud. That s because the most popular Doodle varieties were developed not only for their hypoallergenic coat but also for their kind temperament affectionate demeanor and lovable personalities. info website aims to ask questions to breeders vets and experienced owners to get the answers to your most frequently asked questions about the Double Doodle breed of dog. A Double Doodle is a cross between two different Doodles. This fun loving fellow is the result of breeding a Goldendoodle a cross between the mild mannered Golden Retriever and the quick witted Poodle with a Labradoodle a cross between the family friendly Labrador Retriever with again the highly trainable Poodle . Labradoodles retaining a personality quality common in Labradors tend to have a somewhat higher drive. 12 Jun 2017 Just because Doodle is attached to a dogs name it does not guarantee you a specific temperament a 39 Doodle 39 does not mean nice happy dog nbsp Are you glad you choose to buy a Double Doodle and not another breed How would you describe the Double Doodle temperament What advice might you nbsp 6 Sep 2018 F1 doodles tend to have beards Temperament and Behavour. Double Doodles The Double Doodle is a mix of lab golden retriever and poodle. Good with both children and pets these dogs love to meet new friends and socialize. Aug 07 2019 The Labradoodle is an affectionate playful and intelligent dog that continues to gain popularity. With over 10 years of experience raising the gorgeous Irish Goldendoodles time has proved them to be a healthy dog with similar personality temperament and trainability traits as the Goldendoodle. Temperament. Personality Goldendoodles are typically very silly dogs with crazy outgoing personalities. Will I need to groom my Double Doodle Yes. Apr 10 2018 Double Doodle Dog Temperament . Riverside Doodles is a Golden Doodle Labradoodle and sometimes Double Doodle dog breeder based in Nanaimo British Columbia on Vancouver Island. He is consistently producing a calm steady sociable temperament for therapy prospects. These dogs have wonderful faithful obedient and family friendly temperaments. Temperament is affected by a number of factors including heredity training and socialization. Aussie Poo Aussiepoo Aussi Poo Description. Each one of our puppies is carefully raised using Puppy Culture and AviDog. We start by selecting our foundation dogs upon which our entire lineage is based. Some Double Doodles will inherit a majority of traits from the Labrador others the Golden Retriever some the Poodle and some will have a mix of behaviors inherited from each of its parent breeds. Double Doodles come from three very similar breeds. an allocade of unparalled proportion for this new breed of Guide Dog. Lines Genetically OFA and CERF Health Tested. Dec 05 2019 Temperament Behavior. Goldendoodles have lower than average tendency to nip chew play bite or herd people. Daisy is one of our beautiful 39 home grown 39 Double Doodles she is part Labradoodle and part Goldendoodle. He loves to love and loves to hunt. We love gently care for and specialize in the combination of the mellow easy going temperament of the Labradoodle with the fun personality and beauty of the teddy bear looking Goldendoodle Mar 28 2020 Double Doodles are high energy dogs which like to receive a lot of stimulation. We deliver our Doodles nationwide while residing in Northeast Georgia. I have heard the males are more intuitive of the child 39 s needs and can be The Goldendoodle is considered to be one of the newest of the Doodle or Poodle mix breeds. The same combination of traits that results in a tractable friendly trainable dog for service and or hunting also results in a personality perfect for a family companion. Aug 16 2015 Golda is a very bright and affectionate Australian Labradoodle. Find your new companion at NextDayPets. Aussiedoodle is one of the smartest pet dogs in many homesteads today. I have two young children one on the autism spectrum. We have 20 years of breeding experience. Bosco is the SIRE Labradoodle he is very loving and kind. Welcome to our guide to the Double Doodle. Also intelligent and a loyal family dog. We are a Labradoodle Goldendoodle and Doubledoodle Puppy Breeder in Mississippi MS focusing on healthy quality puppies with low to non shedding coats from health tested parents. Breeding began in the 1990s after both the Cockapoo and the Labradoodle gained footholds. Standard Goldendoodles 50 lbs 70 lbs . is a Federally Recognized 501 c 3 Organization and your donation is tax deductible. The hybrid is known as a designer breed because they were bred to have the lovable qualities of both of their parents. They are not hypoallergenic dogs however as many breeders will erroneously state. We are registered with the MBDA and all our dogs are Cobberdogs as a Breed in Development in their country of origin Australia. Weight 37 lbs Golden Doodle Puppies Double Doodles 3 Our beautiful golden doodle as had her first litter of puppies 4 girls 4boys Dad is a Labradoodle making the puppies the much loved Double Doodles mum as a non Find Labradoodle puppies for sale and dogs for adoption. These breeds of dogs have low shedding and are nbsp Character amp Temperament. We have a group here of double doodle owners. Double Doodle Puppies. DOB 01 19 2018. Home of the English Cream Teddy Bear Goldendoodle and The European Bernedoodle Raising Healthy Puppies since 2002. Teddy Bear Goldendoodles 50 lbs 70 lbs Standard Sheepadoodles May 21 2020 Goldendoodle Grooming. Since our guardian home families name their dogs Ygritte is called Freya by her family however we will refer to her as Ygritte the name we gave her at birth on the website since we have an Australian Labradoodle also named Freya and it is causing confusion. Beautiful soft thick wavy coats Now breeding Chocolate and Black Mini Double Doodles and Sheepadoodles. The Labradoodle is a hybrid cross breed of a Poodle and Labrador Retriever. Like its parents they are a hypoallergenic dog that is good for those who have allergies. She is graduated from our CRATE LEASH and BASIC OBEDIENCE TRAINING program She comes from HEALTH TESTED PARENTS and comes with a 2 year HEALTH GUARANTEE. Double Doodle Dogs Info Temperament Training Puppies Pictures A mixture of two or more breeds or various other combinations of the Poodle the Labrador Retriever and the Golden Retriever the Double Doodle is a cross between two more cross doodles the Goldendoodle and the Labradoodle and hence its name. It can also easily develop mats. They are friendly energetic very intelligent and always ready to play. The thing that stands out the most about the goldendoodle is its coat. Many dogs of the breed have a double coat which can collect a lot of dirt. Sep 03 2020 The cost to buy a Double Doodle varies greatly and depends on many factors such as the breeders 39 location reputation litter size lineage of the puppy breed popularity supply and demand training socialization efforts breed lines and much more. The Double Doodle has very little to no shedding however will have a very thick coat if not maintained. She is a tri colour with beautiful markings. The Double Doodle is a loyal and loving dog very friendly and very intelligent. The Double nosed Andean tiger hound is a breed of medium sized dogs characterized by a double nostril divided by a band of fur and skin. The Double Doodle is not a purebred dog. If a Double Doodle is your choice of breed then do not hesitate and look no further nbsp The temperament of a Goldendoodle is the other main reason people look at an F1BB. Half Labradoodle Half Goldendoodle. Doodles shed too. Her unique coloring and her goofy cuddly nature make her a favorite around here. Being breed from two Doodle dogs you can expect your Double Doodle to be medium in size height and weight with a coat that does not shed nor cause a problem for allergy sufferers. Goldendoodles have average wanderlust potential. Chocolate male double doodle 20 weeks old texas aubrey. When you cross a Goldendoodle with a Labradoodle you get a Double Doodle Here s the rest of the story on the Double Doodle breed of dog. The American Hunting Doodle is a new breed in development for the modern outdoors American family. We are a responsible breeder who believes health temperament and overall appearance is of the utmost importance. Two year health warranty free spay lots extras. When breeding Hybrid breeds the goal is to gain the positive characteristics from each individual breed. A Double Doodle is a hybridize cross breed of a Goldendoodle and a Labradoodle and may show any combination traits of the Poodle Labrador Retriever and Golden Retriever. May 24 2018 Temperament amp Personality The carefree and friendly Irish Doodle puppies are an excellent family dog. Multi generational double doodle OFA Hips Excellent Patellas Elbows Normal Heart Normal Eyes Normal Thyroid Normal Check out her PawPrints Genetics Goldendoodle Panel. Being breed from two Doodle nbsp Oct 18 2016 A mixture of two or more breeds or various other combinations of the Poodle the Labrador Retriever and the Golden Retriever the Double nbsp We only breed for the soft fleece coat stellar temperament and health. Straight from East Palestine Ohio this little Doubledoodle puppy has been raised on love and will arrive at your front door good natured ready to please and healthy. A Goldendoodle is a very friendly. F1bs come in standard miniature and petite sizes. Temperament and Behavior We have found the percentage of pups with low allergy non shedding coats in our Double Doodle litters to be MUCH higher than in either Labradoodle litters or Goldendoodle litters. However not all Double Doodles will inherit the same characteristics even if from the same litter . Double Doodle Labradoodle Goldendoodle Although it was once thought that canine genetics and mode of inheritance was terribly complex like our own it has nbsp Labradoodle Goldendoodle Mix Temperament amp Personality. Impulse to Wander or Roam. Short haired dogs are usually the worst with shedding and dander while long haired dogs are known to be better. He can be hyper sometimes but is quite adaptable and smaller Doodles can easily live in apartments though exercise is vital. Click and browse our available puppies for adoption or contact us to learn more info They do well in most climates but as with any dog do not typically do well in extreme hot or cold. Dawgy Doodles puppies are bred for health and temperament. The Double Doodle is one of the hybrid breeds of dogs that began to originate between 1960 and 1970 to introduce specific characteristics and Double Doodle Dogs Info Temperament Training Puppies Pictures A mixture of two or more breeds or various other combinations of the Poodle the Labrador Retriever and the Golden Retriever the Double Doodle is a cross between two more cross doodles the Goldendoodle and the Labradoodle and hence its name. Golden Doodles vary in their coat consistency and it depends on how much of a percentage there is of golden retriever or poodle. They have provided me with needed support as I had never raised a puppy before or owned a Doodle. A Double Doodle is a combination of a Labradoodle and a Goldendoodle. Focused on Health and Temperament. Labradoodles are smart and sociable dogs affectionate with both adults and children and also pets. Our designer puppies exhibit the very best of health temperament and beauty. quot quot We sure do love our doodle she has great temperament and Then at 5 weeks you will begin communicating about the temperament and personalities of the puppies. We couldn 39 t have expected a better result. Original Use Working Companionship. Jack A Poo also known as Jackadoodle Jack A Doodle Poo Jack Poojack A Jack A Poo is a mix between a Jack Russell Terrier and most commonly the toy or miniature Poodle. Question What do you get when you combine the beauty and sweet temperament of the Retriever with the highly intelligent and affectionate Answer A Labradoodle or Goldendoodle the most desirable and talked about breeds in the United States amp now the best of both worlds the ultimate doodle quot The Doubledoodle quot . Our dogs come from champion lines and are carefully selected for our breeding program. Your dog will not be in a kennel or crate throughout the day instead will be free to run around with the other dogs in our daycare and enjoy lots of attention and cuddles from our team. He will be a highly intelligent loving friendly and wonderful family companion. By 8 weeks they will have current vaccinations as An Australian Double Doodle or an Australian Goldendoodle is the cross between a Goldendoodle and an Australian Labradoodle. F2 is referred to as a second generation cross in which an F1 doodle is crossed with another F1 doodle. The Double Doodle may show variations of Poodle Labrador Retriever and Golden Retriever depending on the generations of each parent dog. In addition the temperaments have been outstanding although this is not a surprise as we carefully chose our breeding stock for trainable temperament. The Double Doodle is loving friendly affectionate and family oriented. Labradoodle Goldendoodle Mix Temperament amp Personality Double Doodle Dog Breed Behavioral Traits Double Doodles are loveable family oriented dogs. a responsible family doodle breeder specializing in well rounded happy healthy and beautiful puppies Dannette Hermeier is the owner and founder of Hermeierdoodles. He likes to play ball and tuggie and is an all round good boy. Puppies are raised in a home environment with lots of love and contact with other dogs cats and children. Mar 12 2020 F1 goldendoodle best personality and non shedding 5. Double Doodles and their parents are renowned for their gentle nature and how well they get along with children nbsp The temperament of the Double Doodle is dependent on the behavioral traits inherited from its parents. Temperament of the Double Doodle The Double Doodle is a loyal and loving dog very friendly and very intelligent. Double Doodles and their parents are renowned for their gentle nature and how well they get along with children and even strangers. This sweet girl is just 45 pounds and boasts a thick non shedding fleece coat in a beautiful brindle pattern. While this fun loving breed may seem like the perfect dog they aren 39 t right for every family. They are generally friendly intelligent loving and family oriented. He is not an overly active fellow but does have get up and go but also loves to just hang around . With a long coat hair button eyes black nose and flappy ears these in Watch a video of our Double Doodle puppies. The first Goldendoodle came about in 1969 when a lady Monica Dickens decided to create a breed with the great qualities of the Golden Retriever and the Poodle. Breed Standards The Australian Labradoodles Temperament and nbsp 17 Dec 2019 Doodles have followed public demand and trends in dog ownership to differ between breeds in general temperament and personality traits nbsp Find interesting facts and information about the Double Doodle breed. The Goldendoodle was created by crossing a Golden Retriever and a Poodle with the hope of producing a crossbreed that displayed the sweet temperament of a Golden Retriever and the high intelligence and low shedding of a Poodle. Goldendoodles are the a mix of two great breeds the Golden Retriever and the Poodle. I 39 ve been extremely happy with all my Double Doodle puppies. This breed has become very popular in the past few years due to their attractive looks and desirable personality traits. Labs are active cheerful dogs. Grooming Like Goldens do require grooming including daily brushing to prevent painful knots. It s a cross between a Goldendoodle and a Labradoodle which come from Golden Retrievers Labrador Retrievers and Poodles. How You Get Your New Goldendoodle Puppy Nov 07 2015 Jada is a Goldendoodle with a lovely fleecy non shedding coat she is a great Mom and makes beautiful babies Brandy. F2b Double Doodles Labra Pyredoodle puppies. He can be timid so socialization is important. Both the parent breeds are considered highly intelligent dogs good with kids and very great family pets. Female Are you wondering whether a male or female puppy is right for you The following information describes some of the traits common to males and females and may help you decide. It s the best of both worlds and we think they are beautiful graceful loyal and intelligent Double Doodle Dogs Info Temperament Training Puppies Pictures. 15weeks old Lab poodle poodle black male. You may be seeing some patterns by this point. The best way to determine the temperament of a designer breed is to look up all breeds in the cross and understand that you can get any combination of the characteristics found in either breed. All the pups should have a good amount of curl. Bosco looks for affection and reassurance. The breed has got a great deal of energy with sociable and playful nature. At 6 weeks we will schedule an in person or live video to pick your puppy out. We currently offer F1 Goldendoodles F1b Goldendoodles and F2B Goldendoodles dubbed Double Doodles . English Goldendoodle Doodle Temperament Temperament is affected by a number Doodle Puppies with nice temperaments are curious and playful willing to is redundant to the above so it must be pretty important for us to say it twice . A good sense of humor goes along way when bringing a Doodle into your home. quot Cobberdog quot means quot Dog Friend quot in Australian Informal Language. Black and White nbsp 5 Jun 2019 Double Doodle Temperament. See our Puppies Available NOW tab for puppies that are ready to go home now or our Irish Doodles tab for available upcoming Irish doodle puppies NOTE There is a great demand for puppies during this timeOur August litters are all reservedwe are now taking deposits for puppies ready to go home in fall winter October November and after . The best way to determine the temperament of a designer breed is to look up all breeds in the cross and understand nbsp Simply stunning healthy pups with the most beautiful gentle temperament. What would be the purpose of crossing the NAR back to a poodle Temperament Evaluation . A double doodle is a goldendoodle crossed with a labradoodle and is also called North American Retriever. Temperament The Double Doodle is a smart and highly affectionate dog. Both the Goldendoodle and labradoodle are American and likely first or second generation. If you have a great Goldendoodle breeder Labradoodle breeder or Australian Labradoodle breeder you 39 d like to recommend let us know This website is a place for Doodle owners Goldendoodle owners Labradoodle owners Australian Labradoodle owners and Aussiedoodle owners to share their dogs and stories. They are even better for allergies. The theory behind the Goldendoodle s development was to create a larger Doodle that maintained the desired low dander low shedding coat and that Jan 26 2020 Meet Slick a playful Double doodle puppy who s ready to take on the world. They usually stand around 16 to 18 inches tall depending on the type of doodle breed and the amount of Poodle genetics Poodles usually have long legs . What we offer. Responsible breeders of healthy amp beautiful goldendoodle amp cavapoo puppies. Double Doodle Build Information. An Australian Labradoodle is the cross between a Labrador Poodle and in some cases English and American Cocker Spaniels Irish Water Spaniels and Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers. They are cheerful trustworthy loving gentle smart and highly trainable. Incredibly Intelligent. quot Our Goldendoodle is a sweet boy and loves everybody. Doodles are sociable friendly non aggressive and extremely intuitive. They are involved in daily activities such as walks swimming retrieving hikes cross country skiing car rides grooming and lots of love. They are very human loving and will like to spend most of their time with their family. March 12 2020. Mar 10 2020 We are also Christian churchgoers. Allergy Freindly and in business for over 10 years. The Yorkshire Terrier 39 s temperament is best described as Bold Intelligent Independent Confident Courageous. An F2B goldendoodle is an F2 goldendoodle crossed with a poodle. Labs and Goldens have been purposely bred together for decades called the North American Retiever . 29 Jan 2020 The Double Doodle is a hybrid of three great breeds the ever popular Labrador retriever Goldendoodle and the Labradoodle. Petzlover Back Double R Doodles offers hypoallergenic Aussiedoodle puppies for sale. Double Doodles have a higher than average tendency to nip chew play bite or herd people. F2B Goldendoodle F1 Goldendoodle X F1B Goldendoodle 62. Of the 31 Labradoodles bred at Royal Guide Dogs a staggering 29 made it through as Guide Dogs . They ve also been successful as guide dogs service dogs detection dogs and therapy dogs. A Goldendoodle is a golden retriever a poodle just as a Labrador poodle is a Labradoodle. Located in Lacoste Texas our doodles have plenty of open spaces to run play and become socialized. Our puppies are raised with love at our 10 acre ranch in Sandpoint Idaho. In the case of a Double Doodle the goal is to get the loyalty from the Lab personality and warm friendly character from the Golden Retriever the exceptional We raise F1 Mini Goldendoodle puppies and F2 Micro Goldendoodle puppies with love here on our little farm in Boise Idaho. As a hybrid dog the Double Doodle will inherit physical and behavioral traits of each of its three parent breeds. Here at Morning Glory Doodles we raise the highest quality Goldendoodles Irish Doodles and Labradoodles. Dec 25 2016 A mixture of two or more breeds or various other combinations of the Poodle the Labrador Retriever and the Golden Retriever the Double nbsp 27 May 2020 Although technically doodles aren 39 t a breed. When they come to live with you they have been age appropriately immunized and de wormed. My Moyen poodle puppies American amp Australian labradoodle puppies goldendoodle puppies and double doodle puppies are all similar in nature. Dog Breeds List. Doodle Me Happy Male vs. Double Doodles Dog Care provides a secure fit for purpose fun environment for dogs to play rest and engage with other friendly dogs. From basic obedience to house training and beyond you won t find a better pupil or more eager learner than our Labradoodles. Learn more about Doodle Gardens in Michigan. Jul 09 2020 Clark is sweet mellow and a perfect silly doodle cuddle bug. DRC is dedicated to the protection and rescue of Labradoodle amp Goldendoodle doodle dogs and to providing educational resources and support services to doodle owners aspiring owners Welcome to Golden Buttes Doodles We are a family ran business located in California producing high quality and health tested standard medium Goldendoodle and Australian Labradoodle puppies. This Hybrid Mix hopefully makes a these doodles healthier than its original purebred breeds. He loves everyone he meets and brings a smile to your face along with a sloppy smooch. See puppy pictures health information and reviews. The average weight of double doodle nbsp Use the Double Doodle information on this website to learn more about adaptability health issues life span of Double Doodle and more. 1 day ago Call today for available Goldendoodle puppies for MULTIGENERATIONAL AND DOUBLE DOODLE PUPPIES Good experienced breeders providing homes with healthy well adjusted puppies that are sure to All About The Doodles is a breeder of high quality and highly socialized Labradoodle puppies. The Irish Goldendoodle has superior coat quality due to the reduction of undercoat with a silky soft texture. When adding a dog Our Double Doodle puppies for sale are Volhard Temperament Tested Vaccinated Health Guarantee Parental Health Tested Visits Welcome You will meet your puppy s parents and us. The best way to determine the temperament of a mixed breed is to look up all breeds in the cross and know you can nbsp 9 Jul 2019 The Double Doodle is the best of both worlds as it is a cross between in the United States and is known for its kind pleasant temperament. Goldendoodle Labradoodle amp Double Doodle Puppies of Yesteryear Acres in Ohio. Our babies are known for their Teddy Bear image and their soft and fluffy coats. Double Doodle Breed Profile. While less common they are still a great generation. The temperament of the Double Doodle will be a mix of the Golden Retriever Poodle and Labrador Retriever 39 s personalities and nbsp 9 Mar 2020 Double Doodle is mix breed of the Labrador Retriever Labradoodle and Goldendoodle. 5 Poodle and 37. The parents are also physically tested for any congenital health defects. Both Australian shepherd and the poodle are brilliant dogs and a crossbreed between them produces an even smarter offspring. Called a North American Retriever or a Double Doodle This trio is a Superior blend of the Retriever poodles that makes a doodle Giving the pups Hybrid vigor health and a balanced temperament Trigger is our beautiful black Goldendoodle momma. Bernie has an unmatched personality always wears a big smile with a waggy tail. They have luxurious fleecey coats and the family friendly loyal temperaments which is why everyone is wanting a Double Doodle. Barry flashes a dashing cream coat and is ready to make you smile. We breed toy mini and standard Goldendoodle variations. This makes them great for families with children. Height Standard 21 to 24 inches Weight Standard 50 to 65 lbs Other names Double Doodle Double Doodles are a breed that is usually very easy to train. The Goldendoodle was created by crossing a Golden Retriever and a Poodle with the hope of producing a crossbreed that displayed the sweet temperament of nbsp 29 Jun 2020 The doodle craze is just like every other breed craze where popularity leads Teddy Bear Doodles Double Doodles Mini Doodle Double Doodle. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with me so I can hold aside your precious new family member for you. I supposed there is a better chance of getting a non shedding coat with this though as it is still half poodle. These dogs are some of the most loyal dogs a family can ask for. Double Doodles are intelligent and friendly dogs that take well to training efforts. Jun 15 2020 The double doodle still has a mild temperament and gets along well with strangers. com See full list on 101dogbreeds. com The Yorkshire Terrier dog breed is Moderate energy and bred for Companion Prey. Any mix of the three breeds is acceptable however the most typical cross is that of a labradoodle x goldendoodle cross. WE ARE NO LONGER DOING INDIVIDUAL REHOME LISTINGS HERE AS THIS IS AN ANONYMOUS SERVICE AND WE WISH TO PROTECT THE INFORMATION UNTIL CONTACTED BY LEGITIMATE ADOPTERS. Breeding designing raising caring and loving is what we love to do. We work with the puppies 0 8 weeks to identify each individual personality foster development and place the puppy with the right family. Kate is a sweetheart She is 16 weeks old and has completed her puppy vaccines. We do F1B what he termed a double doodle developed an allergy friend guide dog. Please keep in mind that the Double Doodle will not look like a Poodle or have the temperament of a Poodle. Charlie the Double Doodle at 1 1 2 years old quot Charlie is a true Double Doodle. Our focus at Mountain View Labradoodles is breeding Australian Multi generation Labradoodle puppies that have a lab like body with a poodle type coat of silky soft non shedding fleece and a calm mellow temperament. and 16 quot 20 quot in height full grown. Some Double Doodles will inherit a majority of traits from nbsp 18 Aug 2019 F2b double doodle are considered medium sized and sometimes considered medium to large sized breed. Our doodle puppies are from excellent parents generally allergy friendly dogs without tons of shedding. The process can make their coats seem quite Welcome to Texan Doodles the top Doodle Breeder serving the San Antonio Texas community. Their non allergic coats make them popular among people who have not been able to enjoy pets because of their allergies. We specialize in Medium Goldendoodles 35 lbs 50 lbs . Born Nov 1 2013. Bernie is an F1 39 Double Doodle 39 or 39 American Retriever. The medium size double doodle has a varying appearance from dog to dog because it is a cross of two hybrid and or one hybrid with poodle. People are now coming to me especially for my quot Double Doodles quot . Once the puppies are born we have to decide between a male or a female and then when we go pick up the puppy we have a choice between the puppies of that gender. Cared for and socialized in our loving home surrounded by our family. We are NOT affiliated with The Doodle Rescue Collective. It would be a F1 Goldendoodle and an F1B Goldendoodle. Dad Goldendoodle is 45 lbs. Double Doodle Health and Life Expectancy The mix of genes allows hybrids to stay healthy and active for the most part of their lives but you still need to be aware of possible health implications. Aussiedoodle Personality and Temperament. Jul 10 2018 A quot double doodle quot is the result of a goldendoodle bred to a labradoodle. They will be the perfect fit to any type of family. Doodle Puppies with nice temperaments are curious and playful willing to approach people and be held by them. They love going on trips to dog parks or spending time in the yard with the family. Very intuitive and loving. 20 years professional trainer and breeder. The Double Doodle is a mixed breed that is usually a cross between a Goldendoodle and a Behaviour and Personality. Mar 22 2020 In the temperament department this can allow for the ultra friendly golden retriever personality to shine through. Mellow personality. The Labradoodle and Goldendoodle are both sociable and friendly. 0 rating. Best for those with allergies and customers who want a really curly doodle as the pups are 2 3rds poodle. All the breeds that contribute to a Double Doodle have a great reputation for being friendly attentive loyal and intelligent. She is a partee color with a mix of apricot and white as shown in the pictures. IMPORTANT Be careful when shopping for an Aussie Doodle puppy. This breed does not have a strong prey drive and can be surprisingly friendly towards cats and smaller dogs when introduced. She is smart and eager to please with a chill personality. Puppy Information about Criss Cross My Doodle Designer Breeds. For instance an F1 or F1B Goldendoodle and an F1 or F1B Labradoodle would give offspring of a quot double doodle. Don 39 t miss what 39 s happening in your neighborhood. Our Mini Goldendoodles as well as our Australian Labradoodles Toy Labradoodle puppies Teacup Golden doodles Cavapoos Cockapoos amp Micro Bolonoodles are all bred from very clean Double Doodle Breeders in North Carolina Trainable and friendly the Double Doodle is a cross between two recognized doodle crossbreeds. They are sometimes called a North American Retriever or a Golden Labradoodle . Crossfield Doodles is based in the mid Atlantic so we can help families in Philadelphia New York City Trenton Baltimore Washington DC and beyond find the perfect classy companion. They are approximately 13 25 pounds and stand anywhere from 10 15 inches tall. We have one trained goldendoodle available. Origin United States. GENERALLY speaking this is what no shed means A good fleece coated Doodle has a fur coat that does not drop hairs on your floor when your dog sheds and that will be in the spring early summer. Our 4 week training program is available for puppies that are 8 12 weeks old. We provide ongoing support for our puppy families and also provide re home policy in our Health Guarantee for each and every Doodle Heaven puppy. Golden mountain doodles are the F2 generation as two doodles are being crossed to make a golden mountain doodle. com Double Doodle Price Temperament Life span. Aug 28 2020 Most of our puppies are F1 mini doodles but we will also have a few litters of F1b minis and F1b toys each year Our F1 mini golden doodle is a puppy from a Golden Retriever mom and a Mini Poodle dad Being 50 golden retriever the F1 puppies retain more of the golden s temperament. Weight 35 lbs. Contact me for more details. We love our doodles so much that sometimes we decide to mix and match. When it comes to using the dogs for working the Labradoodle is generally stronger than the Goldendoodle. The poster child for the designer breed the Labradoodle has been blamed for sparking the crossbreeding craze producing Puggles Shih Poos Cavachons and millions of doodles. 335061 His personality is a lot like the Goldendoodles energetic love their families super friend. As such we evaluate every new dog that comes to us to assess its current level of social development. They are easily Trainable teddybears who aim to please. 39 His sire is Clancy above and his dam is a Golden Retriever. 4 female puppies left and they are ready for homes. Saunders Says Pinterest Marketing Strategist middot Dogs Doodle Mixes middot Daily Dog Doodle nbsp 20 Jun 2019 All these questions are answered in this Ultimate Guide to Doodle Generations however Double Doodle refers to a cross between Goldendoodles as personality and temperament that isn 39 t directly covered in this post. Both come from working dog lineages that are very active highly intelligent and loving to their owners. In our case they are the result of the cross of our F1b goldendoodle with one of our F1b labradoodles. Not just any dog but the type more popular today than any of the dazzling breeds at the Westminster The Goldendoodle is a designer breed or crossbreed of two different breeds the Golden Retriever and the Standard Poodle. Our Doodles are born in a variety of beautiful colors including Parti and Parti Factor. Life span 12 15 years. A mixture of two or more breeds or various other combinations of the Poodle the Labrador Retriever and the Golden Retriever the Double Doodle is a cross nbsp A Goldendoodle is a dog crossbreed bred from a Golden Retriever and a Poodle their name is a portmanteau of Golden Retriever and Labradoodle. Double Doodles have average wanderlust potential. All of our puppies go through the quot Puppy Culture quot program consisting of individual daily exercises. The Pyredoodle is a lovely bigger dog with a lot of love to give the right family or owner. 26 Jun 2017 A Doodle is a cross between a Poodle and another dog breed. Trump says North Carolina voters should vote twice once by mail. ALL dogs shed. he is absolutely stunning in conformation coat and temperament. The Double Doodle is easily trained. Each day between 8 and 12 weeks is an opportunity that you can not get back. A hybrid between the Goldendoodle cross of poodle and Labradoodle and the Labradoodle cross of Labrador retriever and poodle . 5 Golden Retriever The curliest ones usually do not shed and are similar to the F1B generation. They are social dogs that are affectionate and gentle with children and get along well with other dogs. He has an incredible personality and is full of love intelligence and fun. Puppy Training begins at Lamgo Farms Founded in 2008 Doodle Rescue Collective Inc. Labradoodles and goldendoodles are nbsp 9 Feb 2012 Poodle mixes or Doodles seem to be wagging their tails and barking longevity promote sound temperament and improve the genetics Erica says. The Double Doodle is a hybrid breed which is a cross between the Goldendoodle and the Labradoodle. But you can definitely Double Doodle Price Temperament Life span The medium size double doodle has a varying appearance from dog to dog because it is a cross of two hybrid and or one hybrid with poodle. He was born 11 28 2015. com. THANK YOU. however we didn t really know what options were available so we did some research about types of Goldendoodle coats and here is what we learned. Labradoodles Goldendoodle Double Doodle. Apr 03 2019 The Aussiedoodle will eat between 2 and 3 cups of dry food daily. Join millions of people using Oodle to find puppies for adoption dog and puppy listings and other pets adoption. Proper goldendoodle care is key to helping your dog grow into an emotionally healthy adult dog you 39 ll have by your side during his 10 to 15 year life. Double Doodles Boarding is fundamentally different. Mar 03 2020 Double Doodles are a cute and loyal dog breed with a loving temperament that are great around young children. The F2B goldendoodle means there is a mix of generations also referred to as multigenerational doodles. You see the non shedding quality come back in this generation so good for homes with moderate allergies. F1B doodles Goldendoodle bred back to a poodle higher maintenance coat with curl and considered non shedding. The highly social family oriented Double Doodle is known to be a loving and intelligent dog making him a great mix with kids and other animals. Our breeding dogs live in our homes as part of the family. Double Doodle is a mixed breed dog between Goldendoodle a mixed breed dog between Golden Retriever and Poodle and a Labradoodle a mixed breed dog created by crossing the Labrador retriever and the Standard Miniature or Toy poodle . Puppy aptitude and temperament testing to make sure you get a puppy that s fits you your lifestyle and your needs. Mar 04 2014 The family a couple and their four children ages 5 to 11 wanted a dog in the worst way. We can nbsp Double Doodle Personality and Temperament. Mature Weight 45 lbs. Their intelligence and high trainability make them well suited for guide dogs therapy dogs and other assistance dogs. This handsome boy is a ckc registered standard parti poodle with the best temperament He Saluda Virginia Labradoodle I have Double Doodle puppies for sale At first we thought we wanted a straighter coated doodle because our prior dog was a Golden Retriever. The Goldendoodle is considered to be one of the newest of the Doodle or Poodle mix breeds. Doodle Photos Doodle Videos How We Raise Our Doodles Are Doodles Hypoallergenic Doodle Coats and Colors Doodle Generations Doodle Grooming Doodle Health amp Testing Doodle Hybrid Health Doodle Sizes Doodle The Goldendoodle on the other hand feels right at home wherever he is. The best way to determine the temperament of a mixed breed is to look up all breeds in the cross and know you can get any combination of any of the characteristics found in either breed. Some goldendoodles have a coat consisting of loose curls while others have smooth fur that looks almost like that of a golden retriever. Bernie weighs about 60lbs and has a tight curly red wool coat. 3. However when it comes to Aussiedoodles they are generally regarded as extremely intelligent playful and loving dogs. Apr 03 2018 They need moderate exercise though larger mixes need more than smaller ones and they do well at sports like agility. The Goldendoodle and Aussiedoodle have very similar temperaments. We do breed the medium size Bernedoodles on ocasion that mature to roughly 40 60 lbs. Labradoodles thrive in just about any family and make the perfect buddy for young kids other pets and adults of all ages. Doodles do not shed at all have considerably less dander and cause less allergies and have very positive dispositions overall. Bernedoodle Babies top quality Bernedoodles and Double Doodle hybrids Puppies in Arkansas. looking forward to his addition into my program for some true minis and genetic diversity. When you know an F1 goldendoodle well saying that they are one half golden nbsp As doodle breeds become more popular there are more options to choose from. She is still quite young so weighs about 25lbs now when she reaches full maturity she will probably be around 30 lbs. We find the temperment and personality of this cross to be very family friendly and energetic but still can be laid back. Come visit us in nearby Idaho to see our F2 Goldendoodle F1 Goldendoodle X F1 Goldendoodle 50 Golden 50 Poodle Some will shed a little to none others a bit more but nothing like an English Golden Retriever. Also loyal intelligent like the poodle but has the silly fun loving personality of a Golden Retriever. They love water and they are good swimmers just like their parents. OUR GUARANTEE If you or a member of your family has pet related allergies we recommend a multi generational puppy that has the most potential to be allergy friendly. We fell in love with our first doodle s great looks and lovable temperament. 3 Mar 2020 Double Doodles are a cute and loyal dog breed with a loving temperament that are great around young children. The Double Doodle dog is an affectionate and loyal dog. More than likely it came from the same area as the Mini doodle area. Most Double Doodles are calm and easy going but they are active dogs that do require exercise. The benefits of a Doodle are common knowledge among pet parents who own them. The Double Doodle dogs inherit most of their parent breed characteristics. As if we didn 39 t have enough problems with doodles. He can occasionally become excited but is pretty adaptable. Black Blue red and cream and add depth of color to our DDoodle pups. To us demeanor of parent dogs is very important. We breed these non shedding Goldendoodles with love and tender care with special attention to produce gentle temperament. Email Double Doodles We offer quot North American Retriever quot Double Doodle puppies the designer mix of Labradoodle Goldendoodle. They don t shed as much but Doodles do shed. Double doodles are also called North American Retrievers. At Okie Doodle Kennels you will find some of the cutest Doodles around Our goal is to produce well socialized gentle healthy puppies with loving temperaments. Double Doodles are a Labradoodle and Goldendoodle mix. Double Doodle Dogs Info Temperament Training Puppies Pictures. Apr 05 2019 Both being very similar in temperament and personality choosing between the Labradoodle vs Goldendoodle is a very close call. double doodle temperament

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